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Indian and Native American Program. Pictures of Native american workers.


December 31, 2003



SUBJECT: Implementing the “Jobs for Veterans Act” (PL 107-288) for

Section 166 Native American Programs

1. PURPOSE. To inform Indian and Native American grantees about the veteran’s priority provisions of the “Jobs for Veterans Act”, and provide general guidance on the implementation of these provisions.

2. REFERENCES. “Workforce Investment Act” P.L. 105-220, Sec. 101. Definitions (49) Veteran-Related Definition; “Jobs for Veterans Act” (Pub. L. 107-288); Training and Employment Guidance Letter (TEGL) No. 5-03.

3. BACKGROUND. The “Jobs for Veterans Act” (Pub. L. 107-288) was signed by President Bush on November 2, 2002. Section 2(a) of the Act 38 U.S.C. 4215(a) creates a priority of service for veterans (and some spouses) “who otherwise meet the eligibility requirements for participation” in DOL training programs. Programs affected by this legislation include the Indian and Native American Programs and Youth Opportunity Grants.

4. IMPLEMENTATION. Section 166 grantees should carefully review the contents in the attached TEGL, specifically Item 6 which addresses service to veterans by specific programs, such as WIA Section 166 programs. As stated in item 9, the Employment & Training Administration (ETA) will provide all grantees with the necessary and consistent grant language in the form of a unilateral modification to the existing provision that requires compliance with all Federal laws, including newly enacted ones. Section 166 grantees should review and if necessary amend or develop local policies.

ETA is in the process of examining its data collection procedures including activities for performance measurement and reporting systems and will include features to validate priority of service to veterans and generally ensure compliance with the provisions of the Act. Until new reporting systems are in effect, ETA will continue to report on requirements under the Jobs for Veterans Act through existing processes. A full text of the Jobs for Veterans Act amendments can be found at: http://wdsc.doleta.gov/seniors/html_docs/docs/veteransjobs.cfm

ETA is planning to post a Question and Answer format on a DOL website designed to provide specific guidance to state and local, private, national and/or pilot/demonstration employment and training programs funded by the DOL DINAP will send out additional guidance once the Q&A has been approved and the website is established. The guidance will focus on how best to implement the veterans’ priority established by Section 2(a) of the Jobs for Veterans Act, P.L. 107-288 (38 USC 4215 (a)).



7. INQUIRIES. Contact your DINAP Federal Project Officer: East Region - Athena Brown at 202/693-3737, brown.athena@dol.gov or Andrea Brown at 202/693-3736, brown.andrea.t@dol.gov ; Midwest Region - Duane Hall and Dawn Anderson at 214/767-2088, hall.duane@dol.gov and 202/693-3745 Anderson.dawn@dol.gov; and West Region - Guy Suetopka and Si Seciwa at 206/553-6195; suetopka.guy@dol.gov and seciwa.sibert@dol.gov

Acting Division Chief
Division of Indian and
Native American Programs

Office of National Programs

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