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Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs (ADECA)




401 Adams Avenue

Montgomery, AL 36103-5690






24 months



POPULATION SERVED: Jobseekers with disabilities.



BRIEF DESCRIPTION: The grant will be used to fund salaries, fringe benefits, travel, rent, utilities, video production and reproduction, supplies, printing, office equipment, and indirect costs. The proposed positions include a project coordinator and three career system facilitators. This grant would be subcontracted out by ADECA to the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services (ADRS), Montgomery, AL.


The number of persons with disabilities in Alabama is higher than the national average. With a total population of approximately 4.5 million, an estimated 23.2% are classified as disabled. Last year, 404,000 persons were served through Alabamas One-Stop Career Centers (CCs), but only a small portion was identified as having disabilities.


The first phase of the program will be the creation of an Education and Implementation Team (consisting of the three career system facilitators), which will assess service delivery in the systems ten geographic areas. The second phase begins when the team prepares a provisional plan for training, information dissemination, and networking that will be geared to removing barriers and improving access for the disabled.


With phase three, the team and its advisors will develop a new system for referring the disabled from the CCs to ADRS, and, in turn, from ADRS to the CCs. Implementation is the start of phase four. An additional activity during this time will be marketing and outreach to the disabled. This will include brochures, PSAs, and presentations to schools, private agencies, community groups, employers, and others who have contact with the disabled.


Specific project goals are to develop a staff of disability experts; to share the information gathered with all partner agencies; to initiate action to overcome deficiencies; to train all CC partners on methodology for better identifying and serving persons with disabilities; to improve physical and program access to services for persons with disabilities; to develop a uniform referral process for persons with disabilities; to create a follow-up procedure; and to use project efforts to move toward the initiation of the Disability Program Navigator in the future.







Steve Walkley