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Little Rock Workforce Investment Board (LRWIB)




300 South University Avenue, Suite D-14

Little Rock, AR72205-5217






24 months



POPULATION SERVED:Jobseekers with physical or psychological disabilities.



BRIEF DESCRIPTION:The grant will be used to fund the salaries, fringe benefits, travel, equipment, and supplies of a Work Incentive Project Specialist and a Workforce Center Manager. Also funded will be assistive equipment and software, supportive services for customers, and administrative costs.


The full-time Work Incentive Project Specialist will implement the day-to-day activities of the LRWIB Work Incentive Project.This specialist will provide job search services to people with disabilities, train One-Stop Career Center staff and people with disabilities to use assistive technology, and to implement all other aspects of the project.The part-time Workforce Center Manager will oversee the project and supervise the Work Incentive Project Specialist. Assistive software and hardware will include a voice output/screen reader, magnification/enlarged text, a Braille printer, print material readers, printers, a standard computer, recording equipment, and an E-Scope 11 Electronic Stethoscope.


The objective of the project is to ensure integration of those with disabilities into the workforce investment system.This will be accomplished by providing assistive technology in the workforce centers; hiring a Work Incentive Project Specialist whose primary task is to serve those with disabilities, training other staff to serve the disabled, and providing these services at the Arkansas Workforce Centers at Little Rock where a customer can gain immediate access to Wagner-Peyser, WIA Title I, and partner agency services.


Partners include the Arkansas Employment Security Department, the Arkansas Division of Services for the Blind, Arkansas Rehabilitation Services, Increasing Capabilities Access Network, Mainstream (a non-residential center for independent living), and Goodwill Industries of Arkansas. The agencies that comprise the LRWIB Work Incentive Project consortium provide services funded by the Wagner-Peyser Act, the Workforce Investment Act, or the Rehabilitation Act. In addition to these agencies, many workforce center partners provide services that are provided with federal, state, local, and private funds, including services provided by private non-profit and private for-profit agencies, as well as faith-based programs.




GEOGRAPHIC AREA TO BE SERVED: City of Little Rock workforce investment area




C. Stephen Wagner