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Summary Information on 3rd Year of the Disability Employment Grantees


Community Outreach Program for the Deaf (COPD)

Tucson, Arizona


  • Locations: Arizona - (1) Phoenix, (2) Tucson, (3) rural Maricopa County; New Mexico - Albuquerque
  • Funding - $268,311 performance period - 7/01/2004 - 6/30/2005


By combining job training with soft skills training, job placement and employer support services, the Community Outreach Program seeks to improve high quality employment outcomes for the deaf and hard of hearing in three Southwest cities - Phoenix, Tucson, and Albuquerque, in cooperation with 23 area Native American groups - as well as rural Maricopa County, Arizona, in collaboration with the 19 Nations Workforce Investment Board. COPD has also targeted Hispanic communities to recruit deaf jobseekers. Each of the diverse project sites is in a different stage of implementing the One Stop system for serving deaf jobseekers. Thus, COPD aims to identify the individual and system barriers to service and ways to remove these barriers, such as adapting the environment, providing added training for jobseekers, and adding support staff (interpreters) or buying technology. Systemically, COPD's strategy is to develop hiring commitments with area employers and to strengthen the links between Vocational Rehabilitation programs and the WIA One Stop system, SSA's Ticket to Work Initiative, Welfare to Work programs, and faith and community based organizations.