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Santa Cruz County Workforce Investment Program

2935 N. Grand

Nogales, AZ 85621

Contact: Nils Urman

Phone: (520) 375-7670

Proposed Award Amount: $299,891

Community Served: Santa Cruz County

Project Emphasis: People with disabilities.

Summary Paragraph: The overall goal of Project Connect II, a consortium of many organizations and agencies, under the lead of the Santa Cruz Workforce Development Program/One Stop Center, is to deliver training, placement and employment services to individuals with disabilities the majority not served by Vocational Rehabilitation due to the Order of Selection. To build capacity, Project Connect II would fund a position for a Disability Program Navigator. This Navigator will implement disability training for staff, coordination of service delivery systems, access to resources for disabled clients, and a Disability Learning Center at the WIA offices. In addition, Connect II will improve and enhance the infrastructure of the Disability Learning Center operated by the Santa Cruz County One Stop Center and will also install assistive technology and monitoring aids to assist clients, the majority of whom live in the EZ/EC community, to become technology proficient and to increase their employment opportunities.

Partnerships: Santa Cruz Workforce Development Program/One Stop Center (lead organization), County Board of Supervisors, Governors Council on Workforce Policy, Arizona Department of Economic Security-Rehabilitative Services Administration, Department of Commerce, Santa Cruz Training Center, Easter Seal of Arizona, Arizona Department of Education, Arizona Disability Law Center, Telecare Nogales, Area Agency on Aging/Region 6; Santa Cruz County local government, Community Services Department/Community Foundation Center, Association for the Blind, Medical Assistance Program, Adult Basic Education/Literacy Volunteer Program, Training Programs, Business Advisory Council, Library, Schools, Adult & Juvenile Probation. Also Volunteer Center of Southern Arizona, Training & Consulting Solutions (county organization), Woltman & Associates (state organization), Pima Community College, University of Arizona South.