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Summary Information on 3rd Year of the Disability Employment Grantees


New Education for the Workplace, Inc. (NEW)

San Diego, California


  • Location: Five Job Corps sites - Arizona - (1) Phoenix, (2) Tucson California - (1) San Diego, (2) Inland Empire, (3) Gainesville, Florida
  • Funding: $302,943 performance period 7/01/2004 - 6/30/2005


NEW serves minority youth with disabilities who are co-enrolled in GPA/SIATech at Job Corps in Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona, and San Francisco and San Bernardino, California. The goal is to help these youth gain unsubsidized employment upon their graduation. The project addresses employment and training issues of a national scope for minority youth with disabilities, as well as implementing system enhancement activities and services in Job Corps to improve the career options for these youth. NEW is working to build strong partnerships with organizations serving the disabled in these areas and have designed a model for replicating these partnerships elsewhere.