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Employment Development Dept.

800 Capitol Mall, MIC 21; P.O. Box 826880

Sacramento, CA 94280-0001


Contact: Bill Burke Linda Rogaski

Phone: (916) 654-7111 (916) 657-0294

Proposed Award Amount: $500,000

Community Served: State of California

Project Emphasis: People with disabilities.

Summary Paragraph: Building on the Work Incentive Grant awarded to the California Department of Rehabilitation in 2001, this project plans comprehensive training curricula for a Disability Training Program Navigator. The Navigator would meet the need for well-trained, highly knowledgeable resource staff at One Stop Career Centers for customers with disabilities. The advanced training includes an in-depth understanding of the disability benefit structure, especially regarding the Ticket-To-Work and the Employment Network capacity in One-Stop Centers. In addition, grant funds will be provided to Local Workforce Investment Areas for developing strong partnerships with other organizations so that they may work to acquire assistive technology and coordinate outreach. Finally, the grantee intends to coordinate with the World Institute on Disability to provide on-time, online support and technical assistance.

Partnerships: Employment Development Department, the Governors Committee on Employment or People with Disabilities, Department of Rehabilitation, California Workforce Investment Board, Department of Health Services Health Incentive Improvement Project & Medicaid Infrastructure Grant Steering Committee, Department of Mental Health, Department of Developmental Services, Department of Social Services, Northern California Employment Network, and World Institute on Disability.