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Napa County Workforce Investment Board,

North Bay Employment Consortium

1700 Second Street, Suite 378

Napa, California 94559

Contact: Donna DeWeerd

Phone: (707) 259-8680

Proposed Award Amount: $300,000

Community Served: Napa, Sonoma, Marin, and Solano Counties

Project Emphasis: People with disabilities

Summary Paragraph: This Consortium plans to (1) develop comprehensive One Stop systems that are welcoming and are valued providers of choice of persons with disabilities, and (2) implement strategies to increase opportunities for training, job development, sustained employment, and advancement. The primary investment of this grant will be in Disability Program Navigators for all four counties. These Navigators, once trained, will advocate for seamless service delivery for the disabled by marshalling resources available for employment support, creating sharing agreements with relevant partners, and leading Universal Access Workgroups at each site. These Workgroups will determine the array of resources and adaptive equipment and services for each of the One Stops resource rooms. In addition, the Navigators will determine and communicate the best practices for improving access for disabled clients into the Employment Security and Workforce Investment systems.

Partnerships: The North Bay Employment Consortiums partners range from the State Employment Agency to local child care councils. Some of the more prominent partners are Goodwill Industries, the State of California Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Development Departments, Napa Valley College, Sonoma State University, Social Security Administration, Community Resources for Independence, Inc., the Housing Authority of the City of Napa., and the County Human Services Departments.