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Tecumseh Area Partnership, Inc.

PO Box 4729, 2300 Concord Road

Lafayette, Indiana 47903


Contact: Roger L. Feldhaus, Executive Director

Phone: (765) 477-1710

Proposed Award Amount: $300,685

Community Served: Northwest Central Indiana

Project Emphasis: People with disabilities.

Summary Paragraph: To develop the capacity of the local WorkOne system to provide seamless delivery to those with disabilities, the Express Site and Retention Project will add the facitative work of a Disability Program Navigator. This specialist will assess and address gaps in knowledge, attitudes and behaviors of WorkOne system staff that they may better serve the disabled population. Project funds will also be dedicated to a more welcoming physical and programmatic environment at the eight WorkOne offices throughout the Tecumseh area for serving disabled customers.

Partnerships: Great Lakes Disability and Business Technical Assistance Center; Indiana Institute on Disability and Community; Governors Planning Council for People with Disabilities; Ticket to Work Program, Indiana Works; Adult Rehabilitation and Vocational Services for Wabash Center; Abilities Services, Inc., and local WorkOne system partners including those representing WIA and WtW, TANF, Older Workers, CSBG (Community Action Programs), ABE and Literacy, Wagner-Peyser/UI/Veterans; Vocational Rehabilitation; and Carl Perkins (Community College of Indiana and Purdue University).