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Summary Information on 3rd Year of the Disability Employment Grantees


Epilepsy Foundation

Landover, Maryland


  • Locations: Texas - Houston; Florida - Miami; Alabama - Mobile; New Jersey - Trenton.
  • Funding:   $301,598   performance period - 7/01/2004 - 6/30/2005


The Epilepsy Foundation's Project, 'JobTech2,' which builds on a similar program, JobTech, also funded by ETA, trains people with epilepsy in technology skills and helps them find good jobs in this field. Job Tech2 operates through four Epilepsy Foundation sites in: Southeast Texas, South Florida, South Alabama and New Jersey.  These affiliate sites work with the local One-Stops and their network of program partners to provide training and supportive services.  Outreach to employers and educating them on recommendations for service coordination, ADA and workplace accommodations, and safety issues is to this project. Participants benefit from case management, the opportunity for neuropsychological and functional assessments, career exploration opportunities, job search support, job placement, and individual follow-up and retention services.


Goodwill Industries International, Inc.

Bethesda, Maryland


  • Locations: Florida - West Palm Beach; California - Los Angeles; Michigan - Muskegon; Georgia - Macon.
  • Funding:   $302,943   performance period - 7/01/2004 - 6/30/2005


To improve employment in technology for jobseekers with disabilities, Goodwill selected four sites from 40 Goodwill contenders: West Palm Beach, Los Angeles, Muskegon, and Macon, Georgia.  Each site focuses on customized support for adaptive and training needs, coordinated providers in overlapping services to streamline delivery, and training in partnership with local employers, to facilitate placing people in previously identified jobs. The integrated One-Stop centers are critical in providing support services.  Goodwill has linked with Faith-based organizations and programs including Benefits Planning, Outreach, and Assistance (BPOA) to help with training and services. In Los Angeles, training and employer partners focus on call center operation as well as software certification. In Macon, GEICO, the local public school system, and others are offering internships and participating in training. Further, because Macon businesses cite a lack of IT customer service skills, participants are specifically trained in this component. In Muskegon, plastics industry employers are serving as training sites, while the West Palm Beach project collaborates with Partners in Vocational Rehabilitation as well as with Bank of America. 



Experience Works (Green Thumb), Inc.

Arlington, Virginia


  • Location: Pennsylvania - Lycoming and Blair Counties; - Worceste, Middlesex, Norfolk and Essex Counties
  • Funding:  $158,508  performance period - 7/01/2004 - 6/30/2005


The project targets workers aged 40 and older with disabilities, including dislocated workers, Hispanic and Asian minorities, SSI and SSDI recipients and individuals with mental disabilities. The program combines support services with innovative state-the-art training techniques and intensive job placement/job retention services to provide increased access to IT jobs. Assistive technology is also provided as needed. Each participant's training is based on an individualized employment plan including resources and services needed for successful employment.