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Arnold Center, Inc.




400 Wexford Avenue

Midland, MI 48640






24 months



POPULATION SERVED: Job seekers with disabilities, especially those currently receiving Social Security benefits but apprehensive of losing benefits if employed.



BRIEF DESCRIPTION: This grant will provide an Access Specialist staff position to identify inadequacies within the four One-Stop Career Centers that comprise the Saginaw Midland Bay Workforce Development Area of the State of Michigan. This position will focus on increasing the local benchmark standards established by the Workforce Development Board for the WIA Intensive & Training Services. Currently, targeted populations are enrolling in the Adult, Dislocated, or Youth Programs at substandard rates.


Some 3 per cent of Michigan residents are disabled workers receiving Social Security payments, but many of these do not seek employment for fear of losing these benefits. Yet, studies show the vast majority of people with disabilities want to work. This grant will help ensure the universal accessibility of the Saginaw/Midland/Bay One-Stops to all job seekers.


The grant will provide the target area' s One-Stop Career Centers, the organizational structure, and the resources to ensure accessibility for all job seekers, including people with disabilities. The grantee will accomplish this through the addition of a Disability Program Access Specialist and the implementation of a "universal design."


The Arnold Center Inc., a One-Stop Operator since 1990, has more than 37 years of experience providing employment and training assistance for persons with disabilities. The Access Specialist will help to ensure people with disabilities receive full access to the variety of services available through the One-Stop. This Specialist will help the individual determine the types of assistance and accommodations needed to fully access and benefit from One-Stop services. The goal is to encourage people with disabilities to enter the workforce in spite of the complex rules surrounding entitlement programs and the fear of losing cash assistance and health benefits.





GEOGRAPHIC AREA TO BE SERVED:Midland, Bay, Saginaw Counties, Michigan




Michael C. Shea