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Job Training - Capital Area Workforce Development Board




300 S. Salisbury

Raleigh, NC 27601






24 months



POPULATION SERVED: Workers and job seekers with disabilities.



BRIEF DESCRIPTION: The project aims to build upon an existing Work Incentive Grant and now provide three Disability Program Navigators to serve two One-Stop Career Centers. These positions are seen as a way to expand and enhance the services and resources available through the One-Stop Centers and to promote access thereto for people with disabilities.


The expectation is that during this 2-year project, the navigators will serve more than 1,000 clients who have disabilities that affect their employability. The navigators will also be reaching out to employers, showing them how they can access a largely untapped labor pool, diversify their workforces, and benefit from the expertise that those individuals bring to the job.


The proposal will be cost effective and easily implemented because trained staff are available (and may even have received training as Disability Program Navigators), and also because the local infrastructure is already in place in the form of existing One-Stop Centers.


The applicant will partner with Community Partnerships Inc., a nonprofit organization, to provide contractual oversight of the Navigator positions requested. Other partners include the 10 One-Stop Career Centers in the tri-county area.


Following successful implementation of the proposed navigator model, project information and results will be disseminated to other service providers and to Workforce Development Boards across the state and the nation. All project partners are committed to the continuation of these services beyond the funding period for this project.



GEOGRAPHIC AREA TO BE SERVED: Wake, Johnston, and Durham counties in central North Carolina




Cam Frazier