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Nebraska Workforce Development Department of Labor

550 South 16th Street

Lincoln, Nebraska 68509

Contact: Joan Modrell

Phone: (402) 471-3050

Proposed Award Amount: $700,000

Community Served: Statewide, Nebraska

Project Emphasis: People with disabilities.

Summary Paragraph: In the past, the primary coordination between Vocational Rehabiltation and the One Stop system and its partners has been provided through staff support at the One Stops irregularly, on an itinerant basis. This project will enhance coordination by piloting the concept of locating a Vocational Rehabilitation staff person at three One Stop Centers one in each Workforce Investment Area: Greater Omaha (two One Stops), Greater Lincoln (one One Stop), and Greater Nebraska (nineteen One Stops). These Senior Rehabilitation Specialists would function like Program Navigators. In addition, two additional positions for Assistive Technology specialists will be created to coach partners on adaptive technology and physical accessibility. These specialists will also set up a pool of assistive devices and equipment that employers can borrow to offset start-up costs for hiring the disabled.

Partnerships: Nebraska Workforce Development, Department of Labor; Nebraska Department of Education, Vocational Rehabilitation; Nebraska Assistive Technology Partnership. Also, Goodwill Industries, Nebraska Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired, WorkNet/Career Design, Inc., Community Action agencies, Automated Computer Services, Inc., Mid Nebraska Community Services, Commission of the Hearing Impaired, and Health and Human Services.