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Center for Development & Disability,

University of New Mexico Health Science Center

915 Camino De Salud, NE

Albuquerque, New Mexico 87131


Contact: Judith Liddell

Phone: (505) 272-6251

Proposed Award Amount: $677,546

Community Served: 4 Workforce Investment Regions: East (Roswell), Southwest (Socorro), North (Santa Fe) and Central (Albuquerque)

Project Emphasis: People with disabilities.

Summary Paragraph: The University of New Mexicos Center for Development and Disability was authorized by the Secretary of the New Mexico Department of Labor to apply for grant funding on behalf of the State Workforce Investment Board, which was in transition as a new Governor and his administration took office. This project has four goals to increase the ability of One Stop Centers to provide appropriate services to people with disabilities leading to job placement success: 1) Build expertise and capacity through a Disability Navigator System. The Albuquerque region will develop expertise within existing One Stop staff; the other three, more rural, regions will each have a dedicated Disability Navigator. 2) Strengthen employment contacts and job placement techniques. 3) Use Mystery Shoppers as part of an external quality assurance process. 4) Develop a mentoring process to assure on-going disability expertise through the use of three-person Mentor Teams that include at least one disabled person each.

Partnerships: Consortium Partners: New Mexico Department of Labor, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation; New Mexico State Department of Education; four Regional One Stop Centers and their satellite offices.