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Summary Information on 3rd Year of the Disability Employment Grantees

Oregon Health and Science University

Portland, Oregon

  • Location: Oregon, Seattle and Southwestern, Washington
  • Funding:  $288,148   performance period 7/01/2004 6/30/2005


This project involves the regional Workforce Investment Boards of Oregon and Washington states in assisting those with disabilities to access training leading to employment in the health care and human service fields.  The project is located at three One Stop sites in the states of Oregon and Washington.  Participants receive four types of services: 1) core services; 2) comprehensive intensive person-centered career counseling; 3) wrap-around resource planning; and 4) education, internships, and apprenticeship training services.  The project enhances staff capacity to assist individuals with disabilities by consulting with organizations which have expertise in developing innovative training and employment models for participants with disabilities.