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Local Workforce Investment Area 4 (LWIA 4)




1743 Harriman Highway

Harriman, TN 37748






24 months



POPULATION SERVED: Clients who have physical/mental/learning disabilities.



BRIEF DESCRIPTION: "Optimizing Employer Awareness and Employment Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities" is a proposed project of LWIA 4 in east-central Tennessee. The proposed Work Incentive Grant will fund equipment and supplies for three of the nine LWIA 4 career centers, support technology training and sign-language training for staff, and pay for half of a Purchasing and Training Coordinator's salary. This support will advance the applicant's goal of optimizing employer/school system awareness and job opportunities for persons with a wide range of disabilities.


Once funded with the Work Incentive Grant, the applicant expects to receive in-kind contributions for a public relations campaign ($25,500+) and for certain project implementation costs ($75,700+).


The applicant describes this project as unique, stating that no other service organization in LWIA 4 has the level of technology available to help clients with disabilities. The applicant also indicates that no other training organizations offer as high a level of individualized instruction and accommodation to meet the individual needs of people who have a variety of disabilities and different employment goals, and that none go to the same lengths to help persons with disabilities find unsubsidized employment.


Expected results from this project include more persons with disabilities using the career centers in LWIA 4; better services for those center clients; greater awareness in the business community and in schools of the centers and their programs; more job opportunities for persons with disabilities; and increased advocacy among these individuals, along with enhanced public awareness of understanding about their concerns.


Among those supporting the proposed project are the Tennessee Customized Employment Partnership and Local Workforce Investment Area 3, which have committed to work with LWIA 4 in implementing this effort.



GEOGRAPHIC AREA TO BE SERVED: Nine rural, mountainous counties in east-central Tennessee




Bobby Renfro