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Upper Cumberland HRA

3111 Enterprise Drive

Cookeville, Tennessee 38506


Contact: Phyllis R. Bennett, Executive Director

Phone: (931) 528-1127

Proposed Award Amount: $300,000

Community Served: Upper Cumberland Region: 14 counties

Project Emphasis: People with disabilities.

Summary Paragraph: This project would fund a Disability Program Navigator and two part-time Disability Coordinators to implement staff training and to assist in disabled client assessments, case management, linking with other programs, and performance tracking. Working closely with Vocational Rehabilitation, they will ensure clients are offered services, assist with program applications, and develop community outreach initiatives. The balance of the funding would be dedicated to upgrading and purchasing adaptive technology needed at the Career Centers.

Partnerships: Core partners: Programs authorized under Title I of the WIA and under the Wagner-Peyser Act, Adult Education and Literacy, Vocational Rehabilitation, Title V Older American Act, Post Secondary Vocational Education, Trade Act/NAFTA, Veterans Activities, CSBG Employment & Training, Department of Housing and Urban Development Employment and Training, and Unemployment Insurance programs. Additionally, partners may include TANF and Families First, Food Stamp Program, National and Community Services Act, Economic Development Organizations, and other programs.