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Worksource for Dallas County

1201 Main Street, Suite 2700

Dallas, Texas 75202


Contact: Laura Bouillion Larrea, President

Phone: (214) 290-1000

Proposed Award Amount: $300,000

Community Served: Dallas County

Project Emphasis: People with disabilities.

Summary Paragraph: This project will build on the Work Incentive Grant awarded in 2002 to the Tarrant County Workforce Development Board. WorkSource for Dallas was one of the many partners in this earlier grant. The funds from this project will develop a transparent one-stop system by connecting the disability community to local employees, community partners, and training providers. These steps will boost the awareness of services, develop a pre-assessment tool, create a solid foundation of community partnerships with local/state and federal partners, enhance training, install additional specialized, adaptive technology within the workforce centers, and provide unique training for local employers.

Partnerships: Texas Commission for the Blind (state agency); C-CAD (non-profit), Bill J. Priest (post-secondary institution), Texas Rehabilitation Commission (state agency), University of North Texas (post secondary institution), local school districts, REACH (non-profit), United Cerebral Palsy of Tarrant County, Inc. (non-profit), and others.