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Employment Security Department




605 Woodland Square Loop SE, PO Box 9046

Olympia, WA 98507-9046






24 months



POPULATION SERVED: Job seekers with disabilities using the WorkSource Disability Network.



BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Through this grant, the WorkSource Disability Network (WDN) will expand the Disability Program Navigators throughout the state and provide a coordinated program of technical assistance, support, training and networking activities for people with disabilities. Through the Navigators, the WDN will continue to build on the strong foundation of comprehensive facility, program, communication and technology assessments, as well as local corrective action plans. The Secret Shopper Program will provide continuous assessment of accessibility and service provision from the perspective of a diverse sample of job seekers who have disabilities. Access to Information Technology will improve access to WorkSource customer use technology by developing accessibility guidelines for the procurement and development of new technology, prioritized corrective action plans, and training and technical support to ensure the effective use of the available assistive technology. Under this grant, WDN will also improve the accuracy and security of disability data through improvements to the WorkSource database, and through developing and training on methods for appropriate solicitation and recording of disability-related information from customers.


The WDN proposes several different initiatives and approaches to increasing the level of knowledge, acceptance, and use WorkSource and related programs and services in the disability community. The Secret Shopper will recruit 150 job seekers with disabilities to be the 150 Secret Shoppers, providing both quality assessment and an effective marketing program. The School to WorkSource Connection will build the knowledge and relationships that will bring young people with disabilities into WorkSource. And the Quarterly Continuing Education and Networking Sessions will help the Disability Program navigators to improve their knowledge of and establish working relationships with the important disability organizations, programs, and resources across the state.









Gary Gallwas