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Success Stories

One veterinarian provided a volunteer opportunity and is so impressed with the individual that the vet has offered to help pay some of the student's tuition and allow her to do her internship at the clinic if she enrolls in college and is accepted into the program. Juan Pena, the Region One Navigator, was awarded the Outstanding Services and Commitment to People with Disabilities Award from the Committee for Independent Living. He also conducted a Motivational Workshop to help people cope with the stress of daily living.

A 54 year old woman was on SSDI for more than 35 years. She came to the One-Stop center and referred to Navigator. She reported she had worked in a sheltered work setting. She wanted to find full-time employment working with people. Navigator gave her information about vocational rehabilitation and WIPA. She was concerned about losing her benefits immediately and Medicare coverage. She decided to assign her Ticket to Work with One-Stop center. She applied for a position with local residential youth treatment program and met with the Navigator to review her interviewing skills. She was hired as third shift staff person in August, 2008 and is still working full-time as of December, 2009. She says she is confident she can make it on her own and is off of benefits.

A 21 year woman was working as a surgical technician at a hospital in a Metropolitan area and attending undergraduate school majoring in Nursing. She encountered a near fatal vehicle accident and was thrown out the front window of her automobile resulting in a spinal cord injury. She could not return to work or school and became very depressed, hopeless, and homebound. Her mother forced her to visit the Workforce Center where we (DPN) met several years ago. After months of encouragement and positive reinforcement, we utilized various career exploration inventories, along with the utilization of transferable skills, and referrals. Also the DPN developed and mediated an IRT meeting with her biological mother, the career developer at WFC and her VR Counselor. We developed career goals and objectives that were realistic and agreed upon blending funds and services with WIA paying for her to attend a Community College and upon completion VR paying for her to attend a University. Since then she graduated with her Associate of Science Degree in the legal field and is now attending undergraduate school and working part-time for a law firm as a Para-legal. She also attended driver rehabilitation and drives with accommodations and has regained her independence.

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