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Office of Regional Management

The Office of Regional Management facilitates two-way communications between the National Office and the Regional Offices. This office strives to implement a national workforce system that provides America's workers, including youth that have recently entered or are about to enter the workforce, with the information, advice, job search assistance, income maintenance, and training they need to get and keep good jobs, which involves employers and labor in defining the needs of the system, and which provides employers with skilled workers.

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Office Structure

  • Region 1 Boston
  • Region 2 Philadelphia
  • Region 3 Atlanta
  • Region 4 Dallas
  • Region 5 Chicago
  • Region 6 San Francisco

Biography of Administrator

ORM Personnel Update: As of September 4, 2009, ORM Acting Administrator, Grace Kilbane was assigned to serve as the Administrator for the Office of Workforce Investment. Deputy Assistant Secretary, Gerri Fiala will serve as the Acting ORM Administrator until further notice. Ms. Fiala may be reached at 202-693-3690 or by email at

Regional Administrators