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Office of Workforce Investment - Divisions

The Division of Adult Services oversees comprehensive Adult Programs. Services provided by these programs help millions of Americans receive workforce preparation and placement services. The programs are: 1) Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Adult Program, 2) WIA Dislocated Worker Program, 3) Core One-Stop Services, 4) National Farmworker Job Training Program, , 5) Senior Community Service Employment Program, 6) Indian and Native American Program, and 7) Disability Program Navigators.

The Business Relations Group (BRG) serves America's workers and employers by creating partnerships between the workforce system and business. It applies innovative approaches to help business and industry better access the services of the state and local workforce investment system and to educate the public and the workforce system about the jobs in demand with career paths. Two of the major initiatives in the BRG are to build partnerships with industry and to connect them to the publicly-funded workforce system and ongoing ETA priorities, and to support the High Growth Job Training Initiative.

To prepare youth for the 21st century workforce, the Division of Youth Services coordinates youth workforce development investments. These investments include: Shared Youth Vision, demand-driven focus, alternative education, and Youth Discretionary and formula funded Investments.

The Division of Workforce System Support provides support and technical assistance for the WIA governance processes; develops and implements capacity building and technical assistance strategies that promote a demand-driven, integrated talent development system in the context of regional economies; and provides information, tools, and products for use by the system and its customers that support getting workers with the skills businesses need now and in the future and connects workers to businesses with jobs.