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Office of Workforce Investment - Functions of the
Division of Youth Services

Division of Youth Services
Primary Functions
Gregg H. Weltz
Division Chief
Youth Solutions and Investment WIA Youth Program Policy and Performance
  • Develop and implement innovative, demand-driven solutions that promote a pipeline of youth broadly that includes neediest youth for high-growth/high-demand industries
  • Develop within ETA and promote system-wide capacity for delivery of multiple education pathways and service delivery models for out-of-school youth
  • Develop and promote strategic partnerships at the Federal, state, and local levels that facilitate coordinated service delivery strategies and the ability to leverage Federal resources
  • Develop youth investment strategies in collaboration with BRG, Job Corps, and Apprenticeship
  • Manage and oversee youth investments including development of SGAs, management of the selection process, and supporting and providing technical assistance to regional FPOs and grantees
  • Develop mechanisms to identify, capture, and communicate about strategies, approaches and products developed by grantees that resulted in successful outcomes
  • Collaborate with Federal partner agencies to develop and implement policies, information, tools and products in support of the shared youth vision and cross-system integration
  • Communicate and provide direction to the workforce system and strategic partners on implementation of the youth vision
  • Provide policy and program direction to the workforce system on the delivery and performance of the WIA youth program
  • Promote integration of youth services with the One-Stop delivery system, with Job Corps, and with the Apprenticeship Program
  • Work collaboratively on program reporting requirements and common performance measurement
  • Develop ETA's internal performance goals for Government Performance and Results Act and as part of the Federal budget process
  • Provide support and technical assistance to the system on program delivery and performance.