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Grants Awarded 2001

Disability Information Technology Initiative
(SGA/DFA 01-107)

Sectoral Employment Demonstration Project
(SGA/DFA 01-104)

Youth Development Practitioner Apprenticeship Implementation Grants
(SGA/DFA 01-103)

Rewarding Youth Achievement (RYAs)
(SGA/DFA 01-102)

Youth Offender Demonstration Project
Secretary of Labor Announces $8,208,420 for the Youth Offender Demonstration Project.(SGA/DFA 01-101)

Refunding of Youth Offender Projects for FY 2000
(SGA/DFA 01-100)

Incumbent/Dislocated Worker Skill Shortage II Demonstration Program. These grants are to test the ability of the workforce development system to create projects or industry-led consortia for the purpose of upgrading current workers, designing or adapting training curricula in skill shortage occupational areas in regionally important business and industry areas and in specialized industrial areas, and to recruit/retrain workers in those occupations. (SGA/DFA 00-113)

The Individual Training Account Experimental Study is being conducted under Section 171(c) of the Workforce Investment Act (WIA). Individual training accounts (ITAs) are intended to transform the delivery of services to adults and dislocated workers by enabling customers to choose their training providers. (SGA/DFA 00-111)

Selected Awardees for the Community Audits Demo Project The U.S. Department of Labor (Department or DOL), Employment and Training Administration (ETA), announces a demonstration program to support promising practices in strategic planning and "strategic research" related to "community audits." (SGA/DFA 00-110)