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Archived Grants Awarded

Competitive Grants Awarded 2001
  • Disability Information Technology Initiative (SGA/DFA 01-107)
  • Sectoral Employment Demonstration Project (SGA/DFA 01-104)
  • Youth Development Practitioner Apprenticeship Implementation Grants (SGA/DFA 01-103)
  • Rewarding Youth Achievement (RYAs) (SGA/DFA 01-102)
  • Youth Offender Demonstration Project (SGA/DFA 01-101)
  • Refunding of Youth Offender Projects for FY 2000 (SGA/DFA 01-100)
  • Incumbent/Dislocated Worker Skill Shortage II Demonstration Program (SGA/DFA 00-113)
  • The Individual Training Account Experimental Study is being conducted under Section 171(c) of the Workforce Investment Act (WIA). (SGA/DFA 00-111)
  • Selected Awardees for the Community Audits Demo Project (SGA/DFA 00-110)

Competitive Grants Awarded 2000
  • Labor Department Grants Will Enable Minority Colleges and Universities to Close Skill Gaps and Create Jobs. (SGA/DFA 00-109)
  • President Clinton Announces $54 Million in Grants to Train U.S. Workers for High-Tech Jobs Often Filled by Foreign Workers. (SGA/DFA 00-108)
  • Grant funds for skill training programs for unemployed and employed workers. (SGA/DFA 00-104)
  • A competitive demonstration solicitation for grant applications (SGA) to respond to employers' identified skill shortages through the establishment or strengthening of regional consortia. (SGA/DFA 00-102)
  • The Workforce Investment Act (WIA) redefines the nature of youth and adult programming efforts within the nation's workforce development system by focusing on a systematic approach that offers both youth and adults a broad array of coordinated services. (SGA/DFA 00-101)
  • Solicitation for Grant Applications (SGA) to develop and pilot three to four demonstrations nationally that offer improved educational and alternative work experience opportunities for migrant farmworker youth. (SGA/DFA 00-100)

Competitive Grants Awarded 1999
  • $6.4 Million in ITA/Eligible Provider Demonstration Grants (SGA/DFA 99-017)
  • $223 Million in Grants Will Give Young People the Opportunity to Succeed; 36 Communities to Benefit (SGA/DFA 99-015)
  • Contextual Learning Demonstration Program Solicitation (SGA/DFA 99-008)
  • Innovation in Apprenticeship for Women Solicitation (SGA/DFA 99-007)
  • Quality Child Care Initiative Solicitation (SGA/DFA 99-006)
  • School-to-Work Opportunities Act: Industry Association/Business Consortium Solicitation (SGA/DFA 99-005)
  • Incumbent Worker Demonstration Program (SGA/DAA 99-002)
  • Dislocated Worker Manufacturing Technology Demonstration Program (SGA/DAA 99-001)
  • Re-employment Service Demonstration Projects

Competitive Grants Awarded 1998
  • Opportunity Areas For Out-Of-School Youth Pilot Demonstration (SGA/DAA 98-016)
  • Dislocated Worker Technology Demonstration Program (SGA/DAA 98-006)
  • School-to-Work Opportunities Act: Employer Technical Support Coordination (SGA/DAA 98-005)
  • Labor Organization Adjustment Assistance (SGA/DAA 98-001)
  • School-to-work Urban/Rural Opportunities Grant

Competitive Grants Awarded 1997
  • Persons with Disabilities (SGA/DAA 97-014)
  • Out-Of-School Youth (SGA/DAA 97-013)
  • Microenterprise Grants Program (SGA/DAA 97-012)
  • Older Workers (SGA/DAA 97-011)

Competitive Grants Awarded 1996
  • School-to-Work Opportunities Act: Out-of-school Youth (DAA/SGA 96-011)
  • School-to-Work Mentor/Peer Technical Assistant Project (DAA/SGA 96-008)
  • School-to-Work Opportunities Act: Indian Program Grants (DAA/SGA 96-007)
  • Donald J. Kulick Youth Demonstration (DAA/SGA 96-006)
  • One-stop Workforce Development System-building Demonstration Grants (DAA/SGA 96-005)
  • High Wage Job Opportunities for Dislocated Workers (DAA/SGA 96-003)