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RFP-DCS-03-07 Amendment 2

January 24, 2003



Additional information has been requested by prospective offerors and it has been determined by the Contracting Officer that this information be made available to all bidders. The closing date and time for the receipt of proposals has been extended to a new closing date of February 14, 2003, by 2:00 p.m. local time.

Keith A. Bond
Contracting Officer








5. PROJECT NO. (If applicable)
 U.S. Department of Labor, ETA/OGCM
 Division of Contract Services
 200 Constitution Avenue, NW
 Room S-4310
 Washington  DC  20210
(If other than Item 6)
 U.S. Department of Labor, ETA
 200 Constitution Avenue, NW
 Washington  DC  20210
8. NAME AND ADDRESS OF CONTRACTOR  (No., street, county, State and ZIP Code)   
 To all Offerors/Bidders 








The above numbered solicitation is amended as set forth in Item 14.  The hour and date specified for receipt of Offers
is extended,
is not extended.  Offers must acknowledge receipt of this amendment prior
 to the hour and date specified in the solicitation or as amended, by one of the following methods: (a) By completing Items 8 and 15, and returning    0  copies of the amendment;(b) By acknowledging receipt of this amendment of each copy of the offer submitted; or (c) By separate letter or telegram which includes a reference to the solicitation and amendment numbers. FAILURE OF YOUR ACKNOWLEDGMENT TO BE RECEIVED AT THE PLACE DESIGNATED FOR THE RECEIPT OF OFFERS PRIOR TO THE HOUR AND DATE SPECIFIED MAY RESULT IN REJECTION OF YOUR OFFER. If by virtue of this amendment you desire to change an offer already submitted, such change may be made by telegram or letter, provided each telegram or letter makes reference to the solicitation and this amendment, and is received prior to the opening hour and date specified.   
  ** HOUR & DATE for Receipt of Offers is EXTENDED to:        2/14/2002 2pm E.S.T









B. THE ABOVE NUMBERED CONTRACT/ORDER IS MODIFIED TO REFLECT THE ADMINISTRATIVE CHANGES  (such as changes in payng office, appropriation date, etc.)






D. OTHER (Specify type of modification and authority)



E. IMPORTANT:  Contractor
is not,
is required to sign this document and return      copies to the issuing office.
14. DESCRIPTION OF AMENDMENT/MODIFICATION (Organized by UCF section headings, including solicitation/contract subject matter where feasible.)
Except as provided herein, all terms and conditions of the document referenced in Item 9A or 10A, as heretofore changed, remains unchanged and in full force and effect.
15A. NAME AND TITLE OF SIGNER   (Type or print)
Contracting Officer


(Signature of person authorized to sign)



(Signature of Contracting Officer)

16C. DATE 
 STANDARD FORM 30   (REV. 10-83)



Based on the questions received, many offerors appear confused over the format, meaning, and conduct of the Oral Presentation. Therefore, to respond to all of the questions concerning this area, and to avoid repetition, the following clarification is provided.

In accordance with Section L.6, the oral presentation and the question and answer session are not part of the offer and are not themselves offers. The sole purpose of the oral presentation and questions and answer session is to test an offeror's understanding of the work that the Government will require under the prospective contract.

However, in accordance with Sections L.6 and L.7, the offeror shall submit, as part of their offer, a set of overhead transparencies and five (5) copies in a sealed package. These transparencies, which are part of the offeror's technical proposal, shall form the basis of the offeror's Oral Presentation. Both the transparencies and the Oral Presentation will be used to evaluate the offeror's capability to perform the contract (See Section M.3 (A)).

The sealed package containing the offeror's transparencies will not be open until the scheduled date for an offeror's presentation, in the presence of the Contract Specialist and a representative of the offeror.

The Government will provide blank flipchart paper and an overhead projector for the offeror to use during the presentation caucus time period (1/2 hour before oral presentation) as stated in Section L.6, item 8 - Documentation. The purpose of the flipchart paper is for the offerors convenience if they wish to use them during their presentation to clarify points, during the caucus period, and or the question and answer session. The clarifying or explanatory charts and transparencies will be left with the Government following the oral presentation. The Government will not accept for evaluation any additional documentation that may or may not have been referenced during the presentation.

Offerors shall use black and white overhead transparencies (slides) to document key points of its presentation. The purpose of limiting the use of black and white overhead transparencies is to reduce the bid and proposal costs, keep focus on content, and to keep the playing field level.

1. Question: What is the average number of calls per month?

    Answer: The average number of calls per month is 25,000.

2. Question: What is the average length per call?

    Answer: The average length per call is 3 minutes.

3. Question: What are the hours of operation?

    Answer: The hours of operation are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

4. Question: What was the price of the incumbent's contact?

    Answer: The price of the incumbent's contract was $1,223,848.

5. Question: What is the monthly call volume?

    Answer: See answer 1.

6. Question: Is there a time break down of when the calls occur?

    Answer: The following information is based on the Job Corps National Campaign from January 1, 2001 to November 30, 2001. From January 2, 2001 to November 16, 2001, the Job Corps Call Center handled 279,721 calls. Of the total calls received, 182,387 callers were considered prospects and 138,879 (76.1% of the prospects) prospective students were referred to outreach and admissions counselors throughout the country. The following is a breakdown of the referrals among Job Corps' regions.

Visit the Job Corps website: for additional information regarding Job Corps Regional offices.

Region I (Boston)3,295
Region II (New York)16,044
Region III (Philadelphia)14,151
Region IV (Atlanta)36,141
Region V (Chicago)22,497
Region VI (Dallas)19,251
Region VII (Kansas City)3,399
Region VIII (Denver)2,814
Region IX (San Francisco)17,235
Region X (Seattle)4,052

Demographic Characteristics of Referrals:

16-17 yrs. of age (30.4%); 18-19 yrs. of age (31.2%); 20-21 yrs. of age (22.4%); 22-24 yrs. of age (16%); Females (54%); Males (46%); African American (51%); White (27%) Hispanic (15%)

7. Question: What is average call length?

    Answer: See answer 2.

8. Question: I assume this is 24 /7?

    Answer: Yes.

9. Question: What is the main function of the Call center? For example publication ordering, appointment setting, order taking or other?

    Answer: Please see section C of the RFP.

10. Question: Can you give me an estimate of what was paid for the service in past years?

    Answer: The total amount awarded under this contract was $12,052,090 inclusive of options.

11. Question: Is this project considered a new requirement?

    Answer: No.

12. Question: Who is the current incumbent?

    Answer: Research and Evaluation Associates, of Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

13. Question: What is the contract number?

    Answer: The incumbent's contract number is E-6073-7-00-82-30.

14. Question: Will the 800 be resident in Washington DC or could it be in the New York/New Jersey area?

    Answer: the contractor determines the location of the call center.

15. Question: Also, can you tell us if there is an incumbent. Whether it is eligible, under the size standard, to compete for the contract?

    Answer: a. See answer 12.
                b. The incumbent is eligible under the size standard to compete.

16. Question: Does a 100% small business set-aside provision preclude a small business prime contractor from subcontracting part of the contract to a contractor that does not qualify as a small business?

    Answer: The 100% small business set-aside does not preclude a small business price contractor from subcontracting part of the contract to a contractor that does not qualify as a small business. However, at lease 50 percent of the cost of contract performance incurred for personnel shall be expended for employees of the prime contractor.

17. Question: What current performance feedback mechanisms are in place that provides data back to the contractor regarding the performance of admissions counselors?

    Answer: An Outreach & Admissions Outcome Measurement System Report, which gauges the performance of admissions counselors, is available to the contractor.

18. Question: Is there a page limit to responses?

    Answer: No.

19. Question: What method does the current contractor use to monitor the outcomes of complaints?

    Answer: See question 18.

20. Question: What is the current average call duration?

    Answer: See answer 2.

21. Question: What physical information technology network linkages are necessary to transfer data from the contractor's customer relationship management system to the OASIS system?

    Answer: All that is required is Internet access and the Internet Explorer browser (version 5.0 or higher).

22. Question: What are the current common data capture elements?

    Answer: This question is unclear.

23. Question: Are current file layouts available to offerors? If so, where can they be obtained?

    Answer: No, current file layouts are not available.

24. Question: Is the contractor required to send data to the OASIS system more often than every 24 hours?

    Answer: The current recommended procedure is to upload data nightly. This will ensure timely entry of student prospects in the system.

25. Question: What is the method used by the current vendor to link local alumni with callers?

    Answer: The method used by the current contractor is the use of the alumni directory.

26. Question: Will USDOL-ETA supply the contractor with a database of current admissions counselors?

    Answer: Yes.

27. Question: What is the definition of a "professional person year?"

    Answer: The Division of Contract Services' definition of a "professional person year" is estimated to be between $90,00 and $100,000. This included all costs.

28. Question: What budget line items are to be included in the cost proposal, other than salaries, wages and fringe benefits?

    Answer: Please see Attachment J.2 of the RFP.

29. Question: What is the current call abandonment rate?

    Answer: The acceptable abandonment rate for this project is less than 5%.

30. Question: What service level standard is expected?

    Answer: The service level standard in a direct television response environment is 90/60.

31. Question: What is the current call blockage rate?

    Answer: This question is unclear. What is a call blockage rate?

32. Question: What points of preference are awarded to minority-owned businesses?

    Answer: No points of preference are awarded to minority-owned businesses.

33. Question: What points of preference are awarded to women-owned businesses?

    Answer: No points of preference are awarded to women-owned businesses. 34. Question: What points of preference are awarded to veteran-owned businesses?

    Answer: No points of preference are awarded to veteran-owned businesses.

35. Question: What is the timeline for selection of a new contractor and transition from one contractor to another?

    Answer: The Division of Contract Services anticipates a tentative award date of May 1, 2003. We are planning for a 30-day transition period.

36. Question: Will you clarify exactly who is allowed to attend the oral briefing other than a selected manager and the project director?

    Answer: As stated in Section L.6(4), offerors are allowed to have a maximum of five contractor personnel (prime and subcontractor) to participate in the oral presentation. These individuals/ presenters will attend the oral presentation and the question and answer session and shall answer questions directed to them. The presentation shall be made by one or more of the personnel whom the offeror will employ to manage or supervise contract performance on a full time basis or as designated in Sections C.5 and L.10.

The Project Director who will have a 100% time operational responsibility for contract performance shall be present and shall, at a minimum, answer questions directed to him/her during the question and answer session.

Offerors may not use company senior or general managers or consultants to make any part of the oral presentation. In addition to the maximum of five individuals who will participate, the offeror may send two non-participating representatives to observe. Hence a total of seven contractor personnel will be permitted to attend (only five may participate) the presentation. No other officers, employees, consultants, agents, or other representatives of the offeror may attend.

37. Question: Can you further define small business set aside? What are the other parameters besides revenue?

    Answer: Only Small Profit Making Businesses are allowed to submit proposals for RFP-DCS-03-07. Also, please see Section K.5 of the solicitation for the definition of a Small Business.

38. Question: Can budget line items such as facilities, travel, IT costs, Telephony costs, training, reporting be included in the costs?

    Answer: Yes.

39. Question: What has been the call volume breakdown by hour for the last 12 months?

    Answer: See answer 6.

40. Question: May we use job corps people in our call center?

    Answer: If in "job corps people" you mean Job Corps people, staff or students, then yes, Job Corps staff could be hired by the contractor.

41. Question: What is standard for the expected speed of answer? Last 12 months?

    Answer: The answer is 60 seconds in a direct response environment. The average for the last 12 months has been 45 seconds.

42. Question: Is there advance money available to secure a contract?

    Answer: No advance payments will be made to secure this contract.

43. Question: Is the current contract available for review?

    Answer: Yes. Offerors must submit a Freedom of Information Act to the following:

Ms. Le Phan
Division of Contract Services
200 Constitution Avenue, N.W.
Room S-4203
Washington, D.C. 20210
44. Question: At what time of day EST are most calls received?

    Answer: See answer 6.

45. Question: How many trunk lines are currently being used to support the 800 number?

    Answer: There are five T1s or 120 lines being used to support the 800 number.

46. Question: What are the systems requirements for the network/network linkage that facilitates data exchange with OASIS and with the JCDC?

    Answer: See answer 22.

47. Question: Will the contractor be required to maintain a library/clearinghouse of DOL literature to forward to inquirers? How will this information be disseminated - fax, email, airmail, etc?

    Answer: Yes, through various means as necessary.

48. Question: Will the contractor be required to develop, create, and/or produce materials for dissemination?

    Answer: No.

49. Question: The incumbent contractor Research and Evaluation Associates, Inc. received $12,052,090 in total amount awarded under this contract. As the incumbent's contract was for Job Corps Recruitment Information and Alumni Support combined, and the Alumni Support is not a part of this solicitation, what was the total amount previously awarded for the Operation of the Job Corps Toll-Free Telephone Number?

    Answer: There was no amount previously awarded for the operation of the Job Corps Toll-Free Telephone Number. The Job Corps Recruitment Information and Alumni Support solicitation was always combined.

50. Question: Who is the incumbent Alumni Support contractor?

    Answer: Research and Evaluation Associates, of Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

51. Question: Will the alumni database be made available for linking local alumni with callers?

    Answer: A relevant database will be available, see answer 26.

52. Question: When is the proposal/bid intent form due, and where is the form?

    Answer: A proposal/bid intent form is not required for submission.

53. Question: Section C.3, paragraph 1, (3), refers to ".other personnel, to ensure technical difficulties.." Who are the other personnel, and what types of technical difficulties has the incumbent experienced?

    Answer: This is referring to the contractor's internal technical staff. The "technical difficulties" is referring to potential issues, which may arise, in the daily operation of the contract.

54. Question: Is the 1-800 number used by Job Corps enrollees and students who have graduated from the Job Corps program, or is it strictly designed to target "prospective" students?

    Answer: The 1-800 number is available to anyone with inquiries.

55. Question: Section C.4, Task 1, 5 refers to "suggested delivery strategies." Could you expand on what is meant by delivery strategies?

    Answer: Delivery strategies is any methodology used to ensure communications, and transfer information to Job Corps partners.

56. Question: How many FTEs are currently employed by the incumbent for this contract?

    Answer: The number of FTEs currently employed by the incumbent is 62 FTEs.

57. Question: Is there an anticipated training program to bring prospective contractors up to date on accurate information being presented to potential candidates?

    Answer: No.

58. Question: What is the average number of calls on weekends?

    Answer: The percentage of calls that come in on Mondays is approximately 20%; Tuesdays - approx. 16%; Wednesdays; approx. 15%; Thursdays - approx. 14%; Fridays - approx. 13%; Saturdays - approx.11%; and Sundays - approx. 11%.

59. Question: Is there currently an established Service Level Agreement in place that will need to be adhered to?

    Answer: There is not an established Services Level Agreement.

60. Question: What database type is the current data stored in?

    Answer: The incumbent currently uses a Microsoft Access database/application on site.

61. Question: Is there a predefined data output mapping for OASIS?

    Answer: Yes, OASIS requires a tab delimited text file.

62. Question: Will a list of "local Alumni" be provided for the contractor?

    Answer: Yes. See answers 26 & 53.

63. Question: Is there an existing call center where the contractor will perform the work or will the awardee be required to start from the ground up?

    Answer: The contractor is expected to provide the call center.

64. Question: What are the current volume and highest traffic times for the current call center?

    Answer: See answer 6.

65. Question: Is the contractor required to provide "LIVE" phone coverage 24/7 or can the contractor provide IVR coverage for non-peak, after hours coverage?

    Answer: Yes. See Section C.4, #1.

66. Question: Will the contractor be solely responsible for the distribution of literature and printed information requested from callers on the Job Corp Hotline?

    Answer: Yes. See Section C.4, #4.

67. Question: RFP-DCS-03-07 states on the title page that the proposal is due on Jan 24, 2003, but states within the body of the solicitation that the proposal is due on Jan 17, 2003. Which date is correct?

    Answer: The closing date for the RFP has been extended to February 14, 2003, 2:00 p.m. local time.

68. Question: The contract award for RFP DCS-01-43 was terminated on 9/17/02. Who has been providing the call center services since then? Under what contract authority? What have been the costs to date since 9/17/02?

    Answer: Research and Evaluation Associates has been providing the services of the call center under their Indefinite Quantity Task Order Contract. The total amount of the task order was $1,268,500.

69. Question: Is the expected annual call volume of 300,000 based on 2002 data?

    Answer: The expected annual call volume of 300,000 is based the Job Corps National Campaign from 2001.

70. Question: Please provide information on average call volumes for the 24-hour day, broken down into staff shift segments as they are organized by the current contractor.

    Answer: See answer 6.

71. Question: Please provide a breakdown of calls by month, day of week, and Job Corps Region for 2002.

    Answer: See answers 6 and 62.

72. Question: What percentage of calls is in Spanish?

    Answer: Fifteen (15) percent of the calls are in Spanish.

73. Question: Please provide current information on the following: average speed of answer, the abandonment rate, average length of call, and average cost per call.

    Answer: ASA: 45 second; Abandonment Rate: Less than 5%; Average Length of Call: 3 minutes; Average Cost Per Call: Information Unavailable.

74. Question: What type of desktop application (software) does the current Job Corps call center contractor use?

    Answer: Visual Basic Application

75. Question: Please describe the types of reports required, especially as it relates to OASIS.

    Answer: This question is unclear.

76. Question: What types of reports do you currently receive concerning call volume?

    Answer: Ad hoc, daily, monthly, quarterly trend analyses.

77. Question: Has DOL or the current contractor measured Customer Satisfaction? What were the results?

    Answer: No.

78. Question: Do you expect federal Job Corps staff to be involved in training the customer service representatives? If so, how?

    Answer: Yes. Federal Job Corps staff will monitor the training and provide oversight.

79. Question: Where is the current contractor's call center located?

    Answer: The current contractor's call center is located in North Carolina.

80. Question: For the Communications Coordinator position, is the "five years of related experience" different from the "three years of related experience in communications systems and business administration" (Section L.9)? If so, how?

    Answer: The Communications Coordinator must have a bachelor's degree and three years of related experience in communications systems and business administration or five years of related experience in communications systems and business administration.

81. Question: Are the Letters of Intent referred to under Evaluation Factor B.3 different from the Letters of Commitment required by Clause L.8?

    Answer: Offerors are required to submit "Letters of Intent" for each professional personnel. Professional personnel are defined as all staff excluding administrative staff and consultants, unless the consultants are in key positions. Letters of Commitment are to be submitted for those persons proposed in key personnel positions.

82. Question: Clause M.4 uses the term "expected value." It appears to be an important term, but it is not defined. What does it mean, and how will "expected value" be determined?

    Answer: The "expected value" is an estimation of how much the total estimated cost of the contract will be, inclusive of the base and four option years. The "expected value" is determined by obtaining the sum of the estimated level of effort for the base year and all option years with a 5% inflationary increase.

83. Question: Clause L.6 makes a distinction between "clarifications" and "discussions." Please explain the difference between these two words.

    Answer: Clarifications are limited exchanges between the government and offerors that may occur when award without discussions is contemplated (FAR 15.306(a)(1). Discussions are negotiations between the government and offerors after establishment of the competitive range (FAR 15.306(d).

84. Question: Given that the engagement will require 24/7 toll free response coverage, are there any call arrival volume statistics available? What is the anticipated volume for a typical Saturday and Sunday?

    Answer: Please see answers 6 and 62.

85. Question: Are there any holiday's where the Job Corps toll free number will be closed?

    Answer: No.

86. Question: Am I correct in assuming that the DOL owns the 1-800-733-JOBS toll free number and will simply direct the number to one of our DID's?

    Answer: The telephone lines for the call center are provided by the Job Corps Data Center (JCDC) under an agreement with MCI. Arrangements for transfer of the lines, if necessary, must be coordinated with the JCDC.

87. Question: The average length of time per phone call.

    Answer: See answer 2.

88. Question: Past script's or guidelines for Customer Service agent.

    Answer: Please see answer 138.

89. Question: Who is the National Media Coordinator.

    Answer: McNeely, Piggott & Fox is the contractor for the National Media Campaign.

90. Question: Please provide prior award info including rates and awardee.

    Answer: Please see answers 10 and 12.

91. Question: First of all will there be issued a Q & A on this opportunity? If so when should questions be submitted?

    Answer: Contractors were given the opportunity to submit questions for clarification. The requests and the responses to those requests for clarification are contained in this document.

92. Question: How many calls per year are received?

    Answer: Approximately 300,000 call per year are received.

93. Question: In the RFP Presolicitation notice, you have listed several labels against labor categories: Key Personnel and Professional Employees. The RFP states that there will be two categories under the Key Personnel Positions: Project Director and Communications Director. According to the RFP, these personnel cannot be new hires for this acquisition. However, it also has a requirement for resumes for Professional Personnel. The RFP talks in Section M.3 about the requirement for resume for each Professional personnel to be assigned to the project. It also relates in Section F.3 that the level of effort for this project is between 18 - 20 professional person years. We are reading that as 18 - 20 for the option period, with the same level of effort for the option years as well.

    Answer: The level of effort for the option years is estimated to cost 18 - 20 professional person years plus 5% each year for inflation. Please see answer 28 for DCS' definition of a professional person year.

94. Question: Can you define what the DOL/ETA defines a Professional Person as? Is the Level of Effort 18 - 20 Professional persons per year or over the life of the contract?

    Answer: Please see answer 28.

95. Question: Page B-1 stipulates Dec. 30 as the final date for requests for clarifications. Please indicate what the final date will actually be.

    Answer: The closing date for requests for clarification was December 30, 2002. Requests for clarification submitted after December 30, 2002 are forwarded to the Contracting Officer, whose discretion it is to provide answers to those requests.

96. Question: Under the SIC 541618, will the incumbent, Research and Evaluation Associates be eligible to bid?

    Answer: Yes.

97. Question: Is information on the contract available for review in a DOL location?

    Answer: Please see answer 46.

98. Question: Our annual gross sales for the past three years averaged $500,000.00. Is this enough to qualify us for this contract?

    Answer: A Small Business is one that is independently owned and operated and is not dominant in its field of operation. Depending on the industry, that standard applied is based on either dollar volume (average annual receipts for the proceeding 3 fiscal years) or number of employees. The Size Standard for this RFP is $6 million. Therefore, if your average annual receipts for the proceedings 3 fiscal years is $6 million or less, you are eligible to submit a proposal for this RFP.

99. Question: We currently provide services to youths and has a brand new Call center, which is only a few months old, is this enough to qualify us to apply for this contract?

    Answer: Contractors are advised to read the entire RFP and determine if responding with a proposal is a sound business interest. Please pay particular attention to section K of the contract to determine if your company meets all of the standards for representations and certifications.

100. Question: Please confirm that a change in the provider for the toll free number is not part of the RFP.

    Answer: This RFP is soliciting proposals for the operation of a Job Corps toll-free number and not the toll-free number provider itself.

101. Question: Does the scope of work involve the selected small business vendor actually operating the toll-free info system to be created or is it limited to providing an advisory service on creation and implementation of the system?

    Answer: This RFP is soliciting proposals for the operation of a Job Corps toll-free number. Please see Section C of the RFP.

102. Question: Is there a property list available for bidders.

    Answer: No.

103. Question: Is a formal Technical Proposal due in addition to the Oral Presentation.

    Answer: A formal Technical Proposal is due in addition to the Oral Presentation. Please see Section L.7 of the RFP for instructions on submitting proposals.

104. Question: What Data Format(s) can OASIS support, e.g. (.xls, .mdb, .txt).

    Answer: It is a tab delimited text file.

105. Question: A bid intent form is not required?

    Answer: A bid intent form is not required.

106. Question: How was a contract that was awarded for $1,223,848 escalated to $12,052,090 in 5 years?

    Answer: The initial award of $1,223,848 was for the base year. The amount of $12,052,090 is inclusive of the base year and four option years.

107. Question: The RFP mentions forwarding literature about the program. Will DOLETA provide the literature and the cost of forwarding?

    Answer: Yes, and the cost of forwarding should be included in the cost proposal.

108. Question: Does the estimate of 18/20 professional include the Project Director and Communications Coordinator positions?

    Answer: The term professional person year is used to indicate the expected value of the base year. Please see answer 28. It has no direct relation to personnel.

109. Question: Does DOLETA own and control 1-800-733-JOBS?

    Answer: See answer 98.

110. Question: How many telephone lines will be forwarded to the contractor?

    Answer: The 1-800-733-JOBS toll-free number is associated with the call center and will need to be transferred, if necessary, to the Call Center support contractor. The 1-800424-8266 toll-free number is associated with the National Job Corps Alumni Association (NJCAA) and will need to be transferred to the Alumni Support contractor.

111. Question: Is ETA satisfied with the current incumbent's performance for this project?

    Answer: Yes.

114. Question: RFP-DCS-01-43, issued early in 2002, appeared to be for some of the same services covered in the current RFP-DCS-03-07. Was any award made based on the earlier RFP? If so, what was awarded and who received this award?

    Answer: A contract was awarded to REA in the amount of $1,223,848 However, the contract was terminated for convenience effective October 1, 2002.

115. Question: Are key personnel allowed to be contingent hires?

    Answer: Please see section L.8.

116. Question: Explain the difference between a contingent hire and a new hire?

    Answer: Please see section L.8

117. Question: Can you tell us what the average number of calls per day during normal business hours has been. We are defining normal business hours as 8:00 AM EST to 8:00 PM EST.

    Answer: See answer 6.

118. Question: Can you provide the current inbound script utilized by the reps answering the calls?

    Answer: Call Center Script (English)


Thank you for calling Job Corps Information Service. This is [first and last name]. How may I help you?

Listen to the caller. Generally, you will proceed as follows:

Job Corps is a federal government program that offers free job training for people between 16 and 24 years of age. Are you between the ages of 16 and 24? (or Are you calling for someone who is?)

If yes, continue     If no, go to Ineligible Caller script


Job Corps offers training in over 100 vocations, such as health sciences, office technology, construction, and food services, to name a few. GED preparation and training are also offered. Job Corps centers are located throughout the United States. The program is mostly residential; that means you live in a dormitory on a Job Corps campus while you're training. Free room and board is provided. To be eligible, you must be a US citizen or a legal resident of the United States. And, you must be a high school graduate or no longer enrolled in high school. Are you currently in high school?

If no, continue     If yes, go to Ineligible Caller script

OK. Also, to be eligible, you must not be under direct court supervision. Are you currently on probation or parole?

If no, continue     If yes, go to Probation/parole script

Does Job Corps sound like a program you'd be interested in?

If yes, continue     If no, go to Not Interested script


Ok, good. I can help arrange for you to talk with a Job Corps Admissions Counselor in your area. First, I need some information from you.

Enter caller's information in the database. Repeat information back to caller to verify that it is correct. Note the best time to reach caller and any other relevant information in the "comments" field.

Now, I'll give you the admissions Counselor's phone number so you can make an appointment. The admissions Counselor will work with you as you go through the enrollment process. Do you have something to write with?


Give caller the Admissions Counselor's phone number. Verify that caller has the correct phone number.

Thanks again for calling about Job Corps. We'll be mailing you a Job Corps brochure. Call back if you have more questions. Goodbye.


I'm sorry, you're not eligible for the Job Corps program, but:

Under 16 Caller - You must be at least 16 to participate in the Job Corps. Call back after you turn 16 and we'll be able to help you. What state are you calling from? (Log the call as "incomplete").

Over 24 Caller - There is another job training program in your state. You might qualify for their services. Would you like to contact them? [If yes, give caller the phone number for their local program & log the call as "incomplete".] If not interested, go to Not Interested script

Still in High School Caller - Since you're in high school, you're not eligible for Job Corps at this time. However, when you finish high school, please call us and we'll be able to help you. What state are you calling from? (Log the call as "incomplete"). NOTE: If caller plans to quit high school, be sure to inform caller that Job Corps offers GED training; however never encourage anyone to quit high school.

Probation/parole caller - You must be able to leave your state or local area and not require face-to-face personal supervision. When your parole or probation ends, or the terms of your parole or probation change to allow you to leave your state and local area and not require face-to-face personal supervision, please call us and we'll be able to help you. What state are you calling from? (Log the call as "incomplete").

PROBATION OR PAROLE SCRIPT If you're on probation or parole, or under the supervision of any agency as a result of court action, you may be eligible if the agency having jurisdiction:

States that you have responded positively to supervision; and
Will permit you to leave your local area or state while you're in Job Corps; and
Will not require you to have personal, face-to-face supervision while you're in Job Corps.

Do you meet these conditions?

If yes, continue     If no, go to Ineligible caller script


Thank you for calling. Could you please tell me what state you're calling from? (Get state, fill in "Incomplete" entry).

Call Center Script (Spanish)

Gracias por llamar al Servicio de Informacion de Job Corps. Le habla (su nombre). En que puedo ayudarle?

Listen to the caller. Generally, you will proceed as follows:

Job Corps is un programa federal que ofrece entrenamiento a jovenes entre las edades de 16 y 24 anos de edad. Estas dentro de estas edades? (estas llamando por alguna persona?)

If yes, continue     If no, go to Ineligible Caller script


Job Corps ofrece un entrenamiento en mas de 100 vocaciones, tales como ciencia de la salud, tecnologia de oficina, construccion, y servicios alimenticios entre otros. Tambien se ofrecen servicios de prearacion para adquirir el certificado de la preparatoria, (escuela superior) que se conoce en ingles como GED. Existen centros de Job Corps ubicados en todos los Estados Unidos, Puerto Rico e Islas Virgenes. El programa es principalmente residencial, es decir que mientras participas en el entrenamiento, vives en un dormitorio en el campus de Job Corps. Tambien se ofrecen alimentos. Para ser elegible debe ser un residente legal o un extragero residente en los Estados Unidos. Y debes haberte graduado de la preparatoria (escuela superior). Actualmente asistes a la preparatoria? (escuela superior)

If no, continue     If yes, go to Ineligible Caller script

Muy bien. Tambien para ser elegible, no debe estar bajo supervision directa del tribunal. Estas actualmente bajo un periodo de prueba o libertad condicional?

If no, continue     If yes, go to Probation/parole script

Te interesaria participar en el programa de Job Corps? Este seria un buen programa para ti.

If yes, continue     If no, go to Not Interested script

Muy bien. Te puedo ayudar para que te communiqués con un Asesor de Inscripciones del programa de Job Corps en tu área. Primero, necesito que me des tu información.

Llena la información de la persona que esta interesada en la base de datos. Repita la información a la persona que llama, para que corrobore que este correcta. Anota a que hora se le puede llamar y cualquier otra información pertinente en la seccion de comentarios.

Ahora te voy a dar el numero de telefono del Asesor de Inscripcion para que puedas comunicarte con el. El Asesor del Inscripciones te ayudara paso a paso para que te inscribas. Tienes con que escribir?


Proveerle a la persona que llama el numero de telefono del Asesor de Inscripciones. Verifica que la persona que llama tenga el numero correcto.

Nuevamente gracias por llamar al programa de Job Crops. Ten enviaremos por correo un folleto del programa de Job Corps. Llamanos de Nuevo si tienes alguna pregunta. Adios.


Lo siento pero no es elegible para participar en el programa de Job Corps: Jovenes que no hayan cumplido los 16 anos, tienen que llamar el dia de su cumpleanos o despues para ser referidos. De que estado esta llamando? Luego cierra el incidente en "Incompleto" .

Si la persona tiene mas de 24 anos, existe otro programa de entrenamiento de trabajo en tu estado. Tu debebes cualificar para este programa. Te gustaria llamarlos? (Si la persona dice que si, dale el telefono de acuerdo a su localidad y la llamada la determinas "Incompleta".

Si no esta interesado, vas al guion de: Persona que no esta interesada.

Estudiante todavia matriculado en la escuela superior - no cualifica, hasta que se gradue o su situacion cambia. Usted le dice: Mientras esta en la preparatoria (escuela superior), no cualificas para el programa de Job Corps. Cuando te gradues nos das una llamada y nosotros te enviaremos la informacion necesaria. De donde nos estas llamando?

Entra la informacion en el sistema como "Incompleta".

NOTA: Si el joven planea dejar la escuela, debes de estar seguro que le informas que Job Corps ofrece entrenamiento para obtener el GED, pero NO debes bajo ninguna circunstancia decirle que deje la escuela Persona bajo un periodod de prueba o en libertad condicional

Si estas bajo un periodo de prueba o en libertad condicional, o bajo la supervision de cualquier agencia debido a una accion del tribunal, tal vez puedas ser elegible si la agencia que tiene la jurisdiccion: stablece que has respondido de manera positiva a la supervision

Te permitensalir de tu area local o tu estado mientras participas en el programa de Job Corps, No exige que tengas supervision personal, cara a cara, mientras participas en el programa de Job Corps.

Todos esto requerimiento, aplican a ti?

Si dice que Si, continua. Si dice que No, entonces pasa al "script" de personas no elegidas.


Gracias por llamar a Job Corps, puede decirme de que estado nos llama por favor?

(Entre la informacion y marque "Incompleto")

119. Section L.7, SUBMISSION OF PROPOSAL, and Section L.8, LETTERS OF COMMITMENT - KEY PERSONNEL, are hereby deleted in their entirety and replaced with the following:


(A) - General Instructions:

Each offeror must submit an offer (proposal) and other written information and make an oral presentation in strict accordance with these instructions. When evaluating an offeror, the Government will consider how well the offeror complied with the letter and spirit of these instructions. The Government will consider any failure on the part of an offeror to comply with both the letter and spirit of these instructions to be an indication of the type of conduct it can expect during contract performance. Therefore, the Government encourages offerors to contact the Contracting Officer by telephone, facsimile transmission, e-mail, or mail in order to request an explanation of any part of these instructions.

Your proposal must be submitted in three (3) separate and distinct parts as outlined below, consisting of the number of stated copies and accompanied by the required supportive materials to insure that the proposal will be considered responsible to the Request for Proposals.

Part 1

Original and two (2) signed copies of completed Standard Form 33, Solicitation, Offer and Award, Original and two (2) signed copies of Section K, the Representations, Certifications and other Statements of Offerors, and all attachments thereto except those items required in Part 2 and 3 will be submitted as outlined in their respective parts.

Legible copies are acceptable. (All copies shall be ink-signed.)

Part 2

1. A set of overhead transparencies and five (5) paper copies in a sealed package. These transparencies shall form the basis of the offeror's Oral Presentation. PLEASE NOTE: The sealed package containing the transparencies will not be opened until the scheduled date for an offeror's presentation, in the presence of the Contract Specialist and a representative of the offeror. Both the transparencies and the Oral Presentation will be used to evaluate the offeror's capability to perform the contract (See section M.3(A));

2. Offerors shall submit an original and three copies of resumes, letters of intent for all "professional personnel," staffing, and staff/time loading charts, etc., (See Section M.3(D));

3. Offerors shall submit an original and three copies of relevant past performance information (See Section L.5 and M.3(C)); and

4. Offerors shall submit an original and three copies of Letters of Commitment for the five (5) presenters participating in the oral presentation (excluding observers). The Letters of Commitment for the five (5) presenters should "only" include the presenters' position/title for the project and state if they are employees of the prime contractor or subcontractor.

The Technical Proposal shall not make reference to cost or price data so that an independent technical evaluation may be made on the basis of technical merit alone. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in a determination of nonresponsiveness. Proposals specifying less than one hundred twenty (120) days Government Acceptance may be considered not acceptable. Any exceptions taken by a proposer to any provisions of this Request for Proposals or any condition placed upon a proposal may result in a finding of not acceptable. Only one proposal may be submitted by each respondent.

Part 3

A detailed Business Management Proposal as further outlined in the below instructions and consisting of:

a. Three (3) copies of Attachment J.2 - Cost and Price Analysis, ETA 8555 (Mar. 1981);
b. One (1) copy of Attachment J.3 - Statement of Financial Capability, ETA 8554 (Mar. 1981);
c. One (1) each Accounting System Certification which is a statement certifying that the offeror has an established accounting system with internal controls adequate to safeguard their assets, insure that funds are accounted for by cost categories, check the accuracy and reliability of the accounting data, promote operating efficiency and permit compliance with Government requirements and accounting procedures with respect to Cost Reimbursement types of contracts.

The statement shall be executed by a certified public accountant (CPA), licensed public accountant, a bona-fide accounting or audit organization such as Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) or an entity of equivalent status acceptable to the Government. Failure to include the above stated supportive materials with your proposal will be a basis for determination of not being acceptable.

d. Letters of Commitment inclusive of Binding Signed Contracts for personnel proposed for the following key personnel positions: Project Manager/Director, and Task Leaders for the technical assistance tasks, i.e. Logistical Coordinator, Conference Planner, etc.

NOTE: Parts 1, 2, and 3 should be sealed in separate envelopes and included in one master package. The RFP number and related Part numbers outlined above, if applicable, must be shown in the upper left hand corner of each of the envelopes as well as the master package.

The Government warns offerors that taking exception to any term or condition of the RFP (including submitting any alternative proposal that requires a relaxation of a requirement), will make an offer unacceptable, and the offeror ineligible for award, unless the RFP expressly authorizes such an exception with regard to that specific term or condition. The Government will consider any exception to a term or condition of the RFP that is not expressly authorized by the RFP to be a deficiency, as defined in FAR Part 15.

An offeror may eliminate a deficiency in its offer only through discussions, as defined and prescribed in FAR Part 15. However, the Government intends to award a contract without discussions, as authorized by FAR Part 15. Therefore, any offeror planning to take exception to a term or condition of the RFP should consult with the Contracting Officer prior to submitting and offer, unless the RFP expressly authorizes such an exception.

Not withstanding its plan to award without discussions, the Government reserves the right to conduct technical and cost discussions with offers in a competitive range, if necessary, and to permit such offerors to revise their proposals. The government also reserves the right to change any terms and conditions of their RFP by amendment at any time prior to contract award and to allow offerors to revise their offers accordingly, as authorized by FAR Part 15.

The offeror shall complete and submit all certifications included in or attached to this Request for Proposal.

The Cost Analysis (Attachment J.2) and Financial Capability Forms (Attachment J.3) support information shall be augmented as follows:

Offerors are required to submit cost proposals fully supported by cost and pricing data adequate to establish the reasonableness of the proposed costs.

1. Most current published annual balance sheet and profit or loss statement.

2. The offeror shall furnish a total cost breakdown utilizing the enclosed cost and price analysis form.

a. Include the backup data to support the type of labor and estimated numbers of hours within each category.

b. Include a breakdown of the amount estimated for travel including destination, duration, purpose and cost (per diem and transportation).

c. Include backup data to support the estimated amount of material and subcontracting (if applicable) including description of materials to be procured, basis for proposed subcontract, type of subcontract and amounts proposed.

3. List the names and addresses of any subcontractor* the offeror intends to use in the performance of a resulting contract. Include the following information about the subcontract(s).

a. How subcontractor was selected?

b. Has the subcontractor submitted a cost proposal?

c. Will he be able to start performance at the start of the contract period?

d. What is the total cost of (each) subcontract?

e. What services (skills) will the subcontract provide?

f. What experience do they have in this technical area?

*Also provide the above information for consultants you intend to use in the performance of a resulting contract.

Consultants: Persons who are members of a particular profession or posses a special skill and who are not officers or employees of the contractor.


For those key personnel listed in Section M.3.D and designated by the Contracting Officer, require a binding signed contingent employment contract between the key person(s) and the employer/offeror contingent upon DOL awarding the employer/offeror the resultant contract must be provided with the offeror's business management proposal (See Section L.7).


1. be for at least six months from the date of the award of the contract by DOL to the employer/offeror;

2. state that the employee will work full time, or the percentage of time designated in the RFP, on the resultant contract if awarded to the employer/offeror; and

3. the employment contract must address salary and benefits, and position. Offerors should address salary and benefits in detail i.e. salary ($65,000) and benefits (leave policy, bonuses, health benefits, etc.).

Please Note: New hires may not be proposed for key personnel. (A new hire is defined as specified or unspecified persons to fill an empty position who are neither identified as a current employee of the Offeror, or proposed subcontractor, nor as a contingency hire.)

120. Bidders List

RCO Communications Corp.
Town Center Office Park
4359 Northview Drive
Bowie, MD 20716
Attn: Beatrice Jones Ross
President, CEO
Lusk, Paul and Associates, LLC.
99 N. San Antonio Ave, #350
Upland, CA 91786
658 South Gammon Road, Suite 206
Madison, WI 63719
2532 Las Corrales Court
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23456-4200
6905 Rockledge Drive Suite 600
Bethesda, Maryland 20817
AOC Solutions Inc
4084 University Drive, Suite 101
Fairfax, VA 22030
Temploy, Inc.
15991 Red Hill Ave.
Tustin, CA 92780
ALPHA Services
6882 Edna Ave.
Las Vegas, NV 89146
Contact: Jeanne R. Jones, President
Terrell & Associates, LLC
1903 Collegiate Circle
Pine Bluff, AR 71601
TATC Consulting
2409 18th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20009
Contact: Phil Hostetter
Kendrick-McGhee Consulting
P.O. Box 813757
Smyrna, GA 30081-8757
Attn: Michael Bowden
CHP International, Inc.
1040 North Boulevard, Suite 220
Oak Park, IL 60302
Attn: Howard A. Raik, President
REDA International, Inc.
11141 Georgia Avenue, Suite 517
Wheaton, MD 20902-4680
Attn: Elham-Eid Alldredge, Ph.D
Inter-Globe, Inc
8108 Gorman Avenue #228
Laurel, Maryland 20707
The Image Generators, Inc.
18156 Darnell Drive
Olney, MD 20832
Pyramid Systems, Inc.
2011 Crystal Drive, Suite 209
Arlington, VA 22202
POC: Linda Clark
Comm-Group, Inc.
801 Roeder Road, Suite 425
Silver Spring, Maryland 20910
Attn: Linwood C. Jolly, President
Project Development Service
1910 Noble Street
Anniston, Alabama, 36201
Invena Corporation
416 E. Fifth Street
P.O. Box 148
Eureka, KS 67045
Attn: Matt Wilson, President
Ellis Virtual Assistant Services
648 Beaver Ridge Dr.
Ashville, AL 35953
i360technologies, Inc.
1800 Alexander Bell Dr., P-120
Reston, Virginia 20191
Contact: Lona R. Ba
Winbourne & Costas Inc.
1000 Vermont Ave. NW
Suite 900
Washington, DC 20005
Grade A Services
P O Box 1079
Nags Head, NC 27959-1079
Attn: Charles Calkins
Native American Technology Corporation
455 S. Fourth Street,
Suite 1
Coos Bay, Oregon 97420
Attn: Wanda Williford
Wave Technologies, Inc.
3202 Kinross Circle
Oak Hill, VA 20171
Attn: William H. Axelrod
Senior Vice President
FCG Solutions
Centennial Building
241 Fourth Avenue
Pittsburgh,PA 15222
Attn: Shelley L. Fant, Owner
Northwest Center
5201 W Chestnut
Yakima WA 98908
POC: Rob Hill
Entratek Systems, LLC
P. O. Box 550844
Dallas, Texas 75355
1945 Old Gallows Rd, 6023B
Vienna, Va 22182
ATTN: John M. Fanelli
3043 Airways Blvd
Buld-B Suite-3
Memphis, TN 38131-0100
POC: Anthony Tate
The Marzell Group, Inc.
1713 Whittier Road
Mitchellville, MD 20721
POC: Greg M. Williams, COO
Allegra Direct Communications
4152 Hayes, Suite 700
Clinton Township, Michigan 48038
Contact: Joanne Crispignani
Exico, Inc.
241 Fourth Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
Professional Telephone Services
(Pro-Tel, Inc.)
45 E. Main
Walla Walla, WA 99362
Bilene International, Inc.
3140 Washington Boulevard
Arlington, VA 22201
Systems Integration, Inc.
8201 Corporate Drive, Suite 300
Landover, Maryland 20785
Bunch-Bey Corporation
5650 B 2nd Street, N.E.
Washington, D.C. 20011
Attention: Darlene Montgomery
Spectrum Consulting Associates, Inc.
1050 Connecticut Avenue, N.W.
10th Floor, Suite 1000
Washington, D.C. 20036
Attn: Deon Aiken
Worldwide Industries
789 Hammond Drive, Suite 3302
Atlanta, GA 30328
Attn: Gloria Jones Procurement Manager
Integrated Management Resources Group, Inc.
4550 Forbes Blvd., Suite 140
Maryland, Md 20706
Sarge's Support Services
8618 East Natal Avenue
Mesa, AZ 85208
BH & W Services
4908 Farrier Court
Grand Prairie, Texas 75052
Attn: Jo Hogg
Genesisi Staffing Services, LLC.
3343 Peachtree Road, N.E.
Suite 710
Atlanta, Georgia 30326
POC: Jean Malone
100 E. Pine Street
Suite 208
Orlando, Florida 32801
AOC Solutions, Inc.
4084 University Drive, Suite 101
Fairfax, Virginia 22030
Attn: Kevin Woods
REDA International, Inc.
11141 Georgia Avenue
Suite 517
Wheaton, Maryland 20902
Winbourne & Costas, Inc.
1000 Vermont Avenue N.W.
Suite 900
Washington, D. C. 20005
18 School Street
Bucksport, Maine 04416
Research and Evaluation Associates, Inc.
6320 Quadrangle Drive
Suite 180
Chapel Hill, NC 27517
Betsy Flynn
eContact/GoldBelt Eagle ANZ 8c
901 Yamato Road
Suite 106
Boca Raton, FL 33431
Lakota Express
PO. Box 287
Kyle, South Dakota 57752
2100 Parklands Road St.
Louis Park, Minnesota 55416
Attn: William K. Benton
2042 Mckenzie Creek Drive
Charlotte, North Carolina 28270
POC: Harry Bortey, Director
9841 Broken Land Parkway
Suite 202
Columbia, Maryland 21046
Attn: Eugene Chun
CR Dynamics & Associates, Inc.
3217 Corporate Court
Ellicott City, MD 21042
Attn: Charles Ramos
Community & Senior Services
Employment & Training
3175 W. 6th Street
Room 300
Los Angeles, California 90020
POC: Maria Elena Mata
Watson HR Consulting Services
Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois 60181
Diane Watson
HGM Management and Technologies, Inc.
1150 17th Street, NW
Suite 500
Washington, D.C. 20036
POC: Marvin Crawford
PJ's Home Secretarial Services
949 Plymouth Road
Ashtabula, Ohio 44004
POC: Peggy Jean Wiley