ITA/Eligible Provider Demonstration

Information Sessions
Questions and Answers

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U.S. Department of Labor
Employment and Training Administration

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Written by:

Nancy C. Hewat

September 1999

Table of Contents

     Section One
          Issues of Concern: Questions and Answers
     Section Two
          Visioning Exercise
     Common Themes from Visioning Exercises


The Department of Labor hosted two full-day informational sessions where potential applicants for the ITA/Eligible Provider Demonstration Project (SGA/DFA99-017) received background on previous demonstrations on Career Management Accounts, as well as the DOL expectations for selected grantees. These sessions, which were held in Dallas on September 27 and 28, 1999, were attended by about 120 representatives from state and local government entities, national and regional DOL offices, DOL consultant organizations, and service providers. At the sessions, participants identified issues that were of particular concern to them. The questions and responses are provided in Section One below.

Additionally, the participants were involved in a "Visioning Exercise". The results of this exercise are outlined in Section Two below.

Section One

Issues of Concern: Questions and Answers

Following the initial introductions and an overview of the day, participants were asked to review the agenda and to provide comments and feedback on additional areas that needed to be addressed during the session. At that time, and throughout the rest of the day as questions were raised by participants, a list was compiled of the questions raised by participants.

The questions fell into two categories. Some of the questions dealt with more general issues about individual training accounts, eligible training providers and the Workforce Investment Act, while others were related to the demonstration project and solicitation. The following are the questions that are included in the first category:

The second category of issues raised dealt with the demonstration project and solicitation. The following are the questions that fall in that category along with answers:

Section Two

Visioning Exercise

For the Visioning Exercise, participants were randomly split into groups of approximately eight people and were told to think collectively about the following questions from the point of view of customers, vendors, workforce boards, and the state--rather than approaching the questions from the vantage point of their particular organization:

The groups were facilitated by Department of Labor representatives and consultants who assisted in the exercise. The information below provides a summary from both sessions and is organized by each question and according to issue and topic areas.

Question 1: What would you envision the ITA/Eligible Provider system to look like?

User friendly and universally accessible

With current and useful information that provides:

Works with input from and in conjunction with other relevant programs:

Is business- and market-oriented:

Customizes and responds to the participants needs:

Can be held accountable and is clearly articulated:

Is reliable and efficient:

Question 2: How would your organization need to change to implement this new system?

Staff training and capacity development occurs when the staff is:

Coordination and/or redistribution of funds occurs by:

Cultural change mentality occurs by:

Coordination among entities occurs by:

Increased accountability occurs through:

Systems change occurs through:

Increased flexibility occurs through the:

Increased responsiveness and efficiency occurs with a:

Question 3: What do you view as the key challenge to successful implementation?



Partnerships and coordination

Involvement of businesses


Staff involvement


Provider list

Common Themes from Visioning Exercises