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Budget Information

SECTION A - Budget Summary by Categories

  (A) (B) (C)
1. Personnel

2. Fringe Benefits (Rate )      
3. Travel      
4. Equipment      
5. Supplies      
6. Contractual      
7. Other      
8. Total, Direct Cost
(Lines 1 through 7)
9. Indirect Cost (Rate %)

10. Training Cost/Stipends      
11. TOTAL Funds Requested
(Lines 8 through 10)

SECTION B - Cost Sharing/ Match Summary (if appropriate)

  (A) (B) (C)
1. Cash Contribution      
2. In-Kind Contribution

3. TOTAL Cost Sharing / Match
(Rate %)

NOTE: Use Column A to record funds requested for the initial period of performance (i.e. 12 months,18 months, etc.); Column B to record changes to Column A (i.e. requests for additional fundsor line item changes; and Column C to record the totals (A plus B).



SECTION A - Budget Summary by Categories

1. Personnel: Show salaries to be paid for project personnel which you are required to provide with W2 forms.

2. Fringe Benefits: Indicate the rate and amount of fringe benefits.

3. Travel: Indicate the amount requested for staff travel. Include funds to cover at least one trip to Washington, DC for project director or designee.

4. Equipment: Indicate the cost of non-expendable personal property that has a useful life of more than one year with a per unit cost of $5,000 or more. Also include a detailed description of equipment to be purchased including price information.

5. Supplies: Include the cost of consumable supplies and materials to be used during the project period.

6. Contractual: Show the amount to be used for (1) procurement contracts (except those which belong on other lines such as supplies and equipment); and (2) sub-contracts/grants.

7. Other: Indicate all direct costs not clearly covered by lines 1 through 6 above, including consultants.

8. Total, Direct Costs: Add lines 1 through 7.

9. Indirect Costs: Indicate the rate and amount of indirect costs. Please include a copy of your negotiated Indirect Cost Agreement.

10. Training /Stipend Cost: (If allowable)

11. Total Federal funds Requested: Show total of lines 8 through 10.

SECTION B - Cost Sharing/Matching Summary

Indicate the actual rate and amount of cost sharing/matching when there is a cost sharing/matching requirement. Also include percentage of total project cost and indicate source of cost sharing/matching funds, i.e. other Federal source or other Non-Federal source.