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Appendix E: Project Profile Information (SGA 03-114)

Applicant Name: ____________________________________________________________

Project Title: _______________________________________________________________

Occupations and Number of individuals to be Trained [list]:

Level of Training:
a. Pre-career ladder _____
b. Lower career ladder _____
c. Mid-career ladder _____
d. H-1B visa level (bachelor’s degree or equivalent, professionally recognized certificate training) _____

Note: Pre-Career Ladder training refers to training that is meant to prepare someone for development along a career path. This may include basic literacy classes, GED classes, basic computer skills training, ESL education, or other low level training that in and of itself will not prepare the student to hold a job on an H-1B level career ladder. Lower career ladder and mid-career level training is more advanced than pre-career ladder but still constitutes foundation preparation rather than training specifically addressing a specialty occupation at the H-1B visa level. The H-1B visa level requires “a theoretical and practical application of a body of highly specialized knowledge and attainment of a bachelor’s or higher degree in the specialty.”

Targeted Population:
a. Incumbent workers (# to be trained) _____
b. Unemployed workers (# to be trained) _____

Note: incumbent workers are those currently employed by a specific company or business. Unemployed workers are those workers not currently employed, but still part of the labor force.

Geographic area served:
a. Rural _____
b. Urban _____
Note: A general delineation of urban/rural is whether the geographic area served in within a Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA). If within a MSA, the area is considered urban, otherwise, rural.

Degrees/certificates expected [list by type. name and number]: