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Modifications Rules

  • Grantees may request a modification to add new employers or layoffs in local areas that are not included in the approved grant award only if the modification is submitted within the same Program Year (July-June) in which the grant award was made.
  • In general, where there is a need to increase the amount of funding approved by the Secretary for a project, a new application for NEG funds must be submitted.
  • Additions to the approved target group will be limited to employers sites identified in the approved grant and to workers who become eligible for assistance within 90 calendar days following the grant award.
  • In the above aces, all workers must be eligible and be able to be enrolled in the project within 180 days following grant award and will be expected to complete services within the approved project performance period, or as modified.

Regarding Disaster Project Participants: Where a significant number of permanently dislocated and/or long-term unemployed individuals have been temporarily employed in clean-up, restoration and humanitarian assistance activities, and there are not sufficient formula funds to provide needed assistance to transition them into permanent employment, the Department will consider a request to use approved but unneeded project funds, and/or a request for additional NEG funds, to provide reemployment assistance. This request should generally be submitted four to six months following the grant award for the temporary job creation.