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As stated in the Federal Register, Grant modifications will be required in the following circumstances;

  • To include additional layoffs that are within the scope of the approved grant award*;
  • To change the project performance period*;
  • To add or change project operators*;
  • Change contact individuals or information for the grantee or any project operator*;
  • To change any of the project design parameters that result in an increase of more than 10 percent in the approved cost per participant;
  • To change the approved indirect cost rate;
  • To increase the amount of approved funding for supportive services, Needs-Related Payments and / or administration of Needs-Related Payments;
  • To lower the end-of-project performance goals;
  • To request an additional funding increment within the total funding approved by the Secretary.

*Requests under a, b, c, or d that do not require a change in the amount of the approved grant award can be approved by the Regional Office. All other modification requests will require the approval of the Grant Officer which will need to be submitted through the electronic system (E-system).

Rules for Modifications