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Webinars Featuring NEG Promising Practices

This Webinar series is designed to inform workforce system leaders and practitioners of innovative practices in the design, implementation, and management of National Emergency Grants (NEGs). The intent of this Webinar series is to highlight and disseminate promising practices in order to maximize the effective use of NEGs as an important vehicle in helping dislocated workers obtain reemployment in the aftermath of a large layoff or disaster-related event.

Working Across Boundaries to Plan a Regional NEG Response

In this Webinar, participants will learn about a variety of methods employed by local areas to respond to layoffs dispersed across political and geographic boundaries. Speakers from Central Massachusetts, the St. Louis, Missouri region, and the Employment and Training Administration will discuss regional approaches, including crafting consistent policies on training funds and support services among multiple Workforce Investment Boards; establishing a common intake and case management system; using a voucher system to coordinate and reimburse service offerings among multiple Career Centers; adapting information technology systems to handle case management and reporting for widely dispersed service locations; and ensuring consistency of information among participating jurisdictions.

Strategic Response to a Major Automotive Industry Closure: Lessons from the Ford/Lear National Emergency Grant in Missouri

As a result of the economic downturn, many communities are facing the loss of a major employer and the jobs that it generates both directly and indirectly. The St. Louis region in Missouri faced just such a crisis earlier this decade with the closure of a major Ford Motor Company assembly plant. This was accompanied by layoffs at the Lear Corporation, a first tier automotive supplier. Webinar participants will learn about a National Emergency Grant project in which state and local workforce and economic development leaders brought together a comprehensive array of resources and stakeholders to fashion a highly integrated regional response.

Planning for the Unexpected: Effective Readiness and Response in Disaster National Emergency Grants

In this Webinar, participants will learn about NEG projects in which state and local workforce leaders brought together a comprehensive array of resources and stakeholders to fashion a highly integrated regional response. Participants will learn how Florida’s Agency for Workforce Innovation prepared for large disasters, coordinated state-wide disaster activities with Federal and state agencies, coordinated the response work of 26 Workforce Investment Boards (WIBs), and provided technical assistance on Disaster NEGs to other regions. Additionally, Webinar participants will learn from the TriCounty WIB in Pennsylvania how they coordinated disaster activities with local county and town officials, selected clean-up work sites, created an employer of record, selected and supervised temporary workers, and assisted temporary workers to ultimately reconnect to employment. Webinar participants will also receive an overview of emergency preparedness from a national perspective.