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Updated 4/21/2016:

Building on historic bipartisan support from Congress and leadership across a broad range of States, the United States Department of Labor (DOL) is announcing $90 million available this year through the ApprenticeshipUSA initiative to double and diversify the number of apprenticeships by 2018 (WH Fact Sheet). These new investments will be part of ApprenticeshipUSA, the Department's coordinated effort with industry and education leaders, nonprofits, and local governments to highlight the benefits of apprenticeship and expand the use of this time-tested earn-while-you-learn model.

The $90 million consists of strategic investments to accelerate and expand state apprenticeship strategies and grow the use of apprenticeships in new industries while ensuring that these profound educational and economic opportunities are within reach for more Americans.

Apprenticeships are a proven path to good, secure middle-class jobs. In fact, 87 percent of apprentices are employed after completing their programs, with an average starting wage above $50,000. The return on investment for employers is also impressive - studies from around the globe suggest that for every dollar spent on apprenticeship, employers get an average of $1.47 back in increased productivity, reduced waste and greater front-line innovation.

These new investments are the result of a bipartisan agreement to provide the first-ever programmatic funding for apprenticeship through the Fiscal Year 2016 spending bill, building on the President's budget request.

Investing $60 Million to Support Smart State Strategies to Expand Apprenticeship

Expansion Grants:
Prospective Applicants Webinar
State Expansion Grants Funding Opportunity Announcement
Frequently Asked Questions
Press Release

The Department is announcing the availability of an additional $50.5 million in ApprenticeshipUSA State Expansion Grants in the form of a competitive Funding Opportunity Announcement. The $50.5 million in grants will be used to invest in state strategies, intermediaries and activities to engage employers, expand and diversify Registered Apprenticeship to new sectors and under-served populations, and provide incentives for this critical earn and learn strategy.

Grantees will utilize the $60 million in grants to help state governments integrate apprenticeship into their education and workforce systems; engage industry and other partners at scale to expand apprenticeship to new sectors and new populations; support state capacity to conduct outreach and work with employers to start new programs; provide support to promote greater inclusion and diversity in apprenticeship, and implement state innovations, incentives and system reforms. By investing in state strategies for growing Registered Apprenticeship opportunities, these funds will help strengthen the foundation for the rapid and sustained expansion of quality apprenticeship nationwide.

Accelerator Grants, Updated 6/2/2016:
State Accelerator Grant Awardees
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Press Release

The list of ApprenticeshipUSA State Accelerator Grants can be found here. These accelerator grants will help States develop a strategic plan and build partnerships for apprenticeship expansion and diversification with State education, workforce and economic development systems. States will also receive support to develop strategic plans for encouraging businesses to launch Registered Apprenticeship programs in high-demand industries including advanced manufacturing, healthcare, IT, construction, and transportation.

The Department of Labor has awarded $10.4 million in ApprenticeshipUSA State Accelerator Grants to 52 States and Territories to support the expansion of quality and innovative Registered Apprenticeship programs. Each Accelerator grant of $200,000 will allow states to develop a strategic plan and build partnerships for apprenticeship expansion and diversification with state education, workforce and economic development systems.

Investing $30 Million in Partnerships: Industry and Innovations to Enhance Diversity and Access to Apprenticeship

Through ApprenticeshipUSA, the Department of Labor will also make investments to help more employers start or grow apprenticeship programs, particularly in non-traditional, high-growth and high-tech industries as diverse as health care, IT and advanced manufacturing. Through industry-driven partnerships, these investments will focus on leveraging collaboration with workforce development organizations, industry associations, and training providers to help multiple employers to accelerate the expansion of apprenticeship nationwide.

For many employers, starting an apprenticeship can be a daunting task - requiring them to identify curriculum and training solutions for their workers. These investments will help intermediaries support individual employers and entire industries as they seek to start or expand apprenticeship. For example, the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) and healthcare employers ranging from Pfizer to the Seattle Children's Hospital joined forces to create an industry-recognized apprenticeship preparing workers for careers in healthcare services and hospital IT, leveraging common industry-approved curriculum and training solutions.

Additionally, expanding Registered Apprenticeship means opening up opportunities to traditionally underrepresented populations including women, minorities, people with disabilities, and the full range of America's talent. The Department of Labor, through ApprenticeshipUSA, will invest in strategies focused on building pathways to apprenticeship as well as national innovations that promote greater access to and success in apprenticeships for more workers.

These national contracts will complement investments made at the state level, ensuring that state strategies embrace diversity in apprenticeship, and will also support national efforts to engage community based organizations, workforce intermediaries and other non-profits in the development and implementation of pathways to apprenticeship including pre-apprenticeship, supportive services, and model youth apprenticeships.

In addition, the Department of Labor will invest in national ApprenticeshipUSA activities including strategic marketing and outreach, technology improvements and innovations that make it easier for employers to start apprenticeships and for job-seekers to connect with apprenticeship opportunities.

Together these investments will help continue to build a nationwide community of support for apprenticeship expansion that includes states, industry, employers, labor organizations, non-profit organization and workforce intermediaries focused on helping increase access to and awareness of apprenticeship as a proven pathway into the middleclass for more Americans.



  Funding Announcement Proposals Due Awards
ApprenticeshipUSA State Accelerator Grants April 21 (TEGL) May 15 June 2 (Press Release)
ApprenticeshipUSA State Expansion Grants June 22 (link) September 7 Mid-October


  Request for Proposals Proposals Due Awards
National Industry Partners Week of June 27 (Single RFP | Multi RFP) 12pm EST, August 5 Mid-September
National Equity Partners Week of July 25 Early August Mid-September

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