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Veterans in Apprenticeship

Veterans in Apprenticeship

Find and Apply

There are several ways to find and apply for apprenticeships occupations and careers. Follow these instructions to begin your future career:

Option 1: Find specific apprenticeships through My Next Move

  1. Go to My Next Move's Veterans page
  2. Search for an occupation in the "Search Careers with Keywords" section. (Wondering what apprenticeable occupations we offer? Here's a comprehensive list.)
  3. Choose an occupation that has the Registered Apprenticeship Icon icon
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. Under "Education", click the Registered Apprenticeship Icon icon
  5. Choose your state, than click "Find Apprenticeships."

Option 2: Find all available apprenticeships through Veterans Affairs

  1. Go to the GI Bill website
  2. Leave the "Institution name" search box blank, but set the "Program Type" dropdown to "On-the-Job-Training/Apprenticeship"
  3. Click the state of your choice on the map
  4. Choose an institution from the returned list to view name, address, and contact information
  5. To see what types of apprenticeships this institution offers, click "Programs" (image below)
    weams institution search
  6. Under "Program Types", click "On-the-Job-Training/Apprenticeship" to view that institution's apprenticeable occupations.

Option 3: Talk to a State Apprenticeship Representative

  1. Go to our State Contact Page
  2. Choose your state
  3. Call the number listed and ask for information about veterans' opportunities for registered apprenticeships.

Option 4: Search "apprentice" on your Favorite Job Website

  1. Many job Websites advertise apprenticeships, where career opportunities are available.
  2. Go to your favorite job search Website, such as:,,, or
  3. Use the search function of your favorite job website by entering the keyword "apprentice". You can refine your search by your targeted location.