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ETA On-Line Job Application System

Only for Employment and Training Administration Positions Within the Washington, D.C. Area

This automated job application system was developed to assist you in applying for jobs within the Employment and Training Administration (ETA). The application can be used to apply for all advertised positions within ETA to include Public Notice, Merit Staffing and Internships openings. You must select the appropriate vacancy number from the drop down menu on the OF 612 application form to ensure that your application is correctly applied againt the position for which you are applying.

As a result of current situations affecting the receipt of mail, this comprehensive application was developed to allow you apply and send all applicable application documents electronically. We will continue to accept hard copy and faxed applications. Our current application policies, described below, remain in effect.

  1. All mailed applications and supporting documentation must be post maked not later than the closing date of the vacancy announcemend and received not later than 5 calendar days after the closing date.
  2. All faxed applications and supporting documentation must be received not later than the closing date of the vacancy announcement.

In addition to the OF 612, you are able to complete your Knowledge, Skills and Ability Statements (KSAs) on-line as well as attaching requested documents electronically. Upon completion of your application, you will have the ability to review all documents submitted and, if necessary, edit them before final submission.

If you do not have the requested documents in an electronic format you may fax them to (202) 693-3734.

Listed below are some important items to remember:

  1. The application session will time-out after two (2) hours. We suggest that you prepare your KSA Statements prior to beginning the application process. After you have completed the KSA statements you can cut and paste them into the application.
  2. At the end of the OF 612 there is a signature line. You do not have to sign the OF 612 application form before submitting your complete application. The signature is only required upon selection for the position
  3. Do not use the "BACK" browser button to go back to previous pages to make corrections. Only make corrections or edits by using the edit functions on the "Forms Verification" web page (5th page of the application).
  4. All electronic attachments must be in MS Word, WordPerfect or PDF format.
  5. You can cut and paste text from other documents into the application form.
  6. You will be sent an e-mail notification acknowledging receipt of your application if you enter your e-mail address on the final submission page.
  7. You should print a copy of the vacancy announcement for reference prior to beginning the on-line application.
  8. You may receive assistance by calling (202) 693-3922 or TTY at (202) 693-3924.
  9. Include the vacancy number on any mailed or faxed documents.

As previously stated, this automated system is intended only for use when appling for positions at the Employment and Training Administration.

If you are applying for a position outside of ETA, we have provided a fillable OF 612 and an OF 612 Continuation Sheet for your convenience.