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Entrance on Duty

Please complete the following forms prior to your Entrance on Duty and bring them with you on your first day. Do not date the forms. Fill out and complete one tax form for your state of residency. Note: Please reference your new hire letter for instructions regarding the Background Investigation Form that must be returned to Human Resources before you Enter on Duty.

List of OHR Related Reference Materials
Forms Form Description
Appointment Affidavit Appointment to a Federal Position (SF-61)
I-9 Form Employee Eligibility Verification (I-9)
Background Investigation Employee Background Investigation (OF-306)
Direct Deposit Direct Deposit Sign-Up (FMS-2231)
Federal Tax Withholding Federal Tax Form (W-4)
DC Tax Form District of Columbia Tax Form (DC Residents Only)
MD Tax Form Maryland State Tax Form (MD Residents Only)
VA Tax Form Virginia State Tax Form (VA Residents Only)
Other State Tax Forms All Other State Tax Forms
Emergency Contact Emergency Contact Information (DL-1-65)
Ethnicity and Race Identification Ethnicity and Race Identification (SF-181)
Handicap Self Identification of Disability (SF 256)
Prior Service Statement of Prior Federal Service (SF 144)
FEHB Enrollment Health Benefits Election Form (SF-2809) - Must complete within 60 days of EOD
FEGLI Enrollment Life Insurance Election (SF-2817) - Must complete within 30 days of EOD
Thrift Savings Plan Information for FERS New hire/Rehire New Thrift Savings Plan Contribution Information for FERS New hire/Rehire
TSP-1 Thrift Savings Plan Election Form (TSP-1)
TSP-3 Designation of Beneficiary-Thrift Savings Plan (TSP-3)
Beneficiary for Unpaid Comp Designation of Beneficiary-Unpaid Compensation (SF-1152)
Beneficiary for FEGLI Designation of Beneficiary for Life Insurance (SF-2823)
Beneficiary for FERS Designation of Beneficiary for Federal Employees' Retirement System (SF 3102)
Transit Subsidy DOL Application for Transit Subsidy

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