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Entered Employment Rate for Adults and Dislocated Workers, PY 02-04

  A chart showing the entered employment rate for adults and dislocated workers from PY 2002 through PY 2004
Both Adults and Dislocated Workers exceeded their goals for the Entered Employment Rate for PY 02, 03 and 04. The goal for Adults for PY 02 was 70.6 percent, and they achieved 75.1 percent. For PY 03 the goal was 72.6 percent, and they reached 74.3 percent. For PY 04 the goal was 73.5 percent, and they achieved 77.1 percent.

For Dislocated Workers, the PY 02 goal was 76.8 percent, and they reached 83.3 percent. The PY 03 goal was 78.6 percent, and they achieved 81.8 percent. In PY 04 the goal was 79.6 percent, and they reached 83.7 percent.