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WIA Incentive Grant Summaries - PY 2004

Michigan $817,852

The proposal to use the funds is as follows:

  • Prepare youth and adults for high school and GED completion;
  • Prepare youth for career and technical education needed in the 21st century workforce; and
  • Prepare adults for Postsecondary Education and employment in emerging fields. The following activities will support a Building Communities Through Literacy initiative which will offer employment opportunities for the residents of Benton Harbor through a cooperative project involving Whirlpool Corporation and the Alliance for World-Class Communities:
    • Provision of Adult Basic Education and Literacy Services;
    • High School Intervention Services;
    • High School Completion/GED Attainment;
    • Middle College; and
    • Workplace Skills.
  • The project will create 4,000 jobs during the start-up phase, and another 2,000 jobs annually, starting in 2012. The Department of Labor plans to work with Michigan Works!, Benton Area schools, and local colleges to identify participants for this project.