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Women Served By WIA Programs - PY 2005-2007

Women's History Month
Women Served in the Workforce System

The Workforce System served a total of 7,375,406 women as of 12/31/05. (Note that the figures are estimates and the time period covered was not the quarter ending 12/31/05 for all programs.) The Employment Service served 6,076,531 women, the Job Corps served 22,212 women, and the National Farmworker Jobs program served 2,278. The Native American Adult program served 3,259 women, while the Native American Youth program served 3,850. The Registered Apprenticeship program served 11,673 women, the Senior Community Service Employment Program served 65,264 and the Trade Assistance program served 7,287. The Unemployment Insurance program served 879,628 women, while the WIA Adult program served 128,333 women and the WIA Dislocated Worker program 92,390. 17,955 women were served by the WIA Older Youth program, while the WIA Younger Youth program served 61,694 women, and 3,052 were served by the Youth Offender Demonstration program.

The number served ranged from a low of 2,278 for the National Farmworker Jobs program to a high of 6,076,531 for the Employment Service