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ETA Programs Serving Women

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On February 1, when we wear red for women's heart health ETA highlights the women served through programs. The charts display the break out of women served by program relative to the total of women served in program year 2011. Overall ETA programs together served over 10.2 million women. With the Wagner-Peyser Employment Service providing services to 8.2 million, Workforce Investment Act programs serving 1.4 million while another 466,004 were served by other programs. Chart two breaks out the women served by other programs. ARRA High Growth and Emerging Industries served 108,739 through their program to-date, Community Based Jobs Training Grants have served 110,017 women by their program to date, the High Growth Job Training Initiative has served 2,353 women, National Farmworkers Jobs Program served 5,367, the Indian and Native American Program for Adults served 4,521 and their program for Youth served 2,966. Registered Apprenticeship had 34,932 Active and completed apprenticeships for women, Trade Act Adjustment programs served 63,650,the Reintegration for Ex-Offenders served 7,932 women, and the Senior Community Service Employment Program served 50,217. YouthBuild served 6,504 women, Youthful Offenders served 6,997 and Job Corps Served 40,354 women. Green Jobs a new program has served 274 women in the program to-date. The third chart shows outcomes for women served through the WIA program from Program Year (PY) 2010 to PY 2011. Overall, all outcomes for women have increased from PY 2010 to PY 2011 with the highest rise seen with the Dislocated Worker Entered Employment Rate which rose 4.1 percentage points from PY 2010 to 60 percent. The final image shows the story of Ashley a Job Corps participant and the great strides she made through the Job Corps program as well as her contributions to increasing understanding of the young job seeker in today's economy.