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ES 9002 and VETS 200 Report Validation Software

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  Version 1.7 Now Available Version 1.7 (Access and SQL versions) of the ETA 9002 and VETS 200 Report Validation Software and an updated software User's Guide are now available. Please download and review the User's Guide prior to installing version 1.7.

Version 1.7 incorporates a new installation feature (InstallShield) and a number of other changes. For the 9002 B and D and the VETS 200 A, B and C, Transitional Service Members replaces Vietnam Veterans. States will begin reporting Transitional Service Members in PY 2004. Newly Separated Veterans changed from those separating within the 12 months prior to the beginning of the registration year to those separating within 36 months prior to the beginning of the registration year. At Sign-In a drop-down menu has been added; users select the Report Quarter and automatically correct dates are entered for the 9002 A, B and E and Entered Employment and Retention cohorts for the 9002 B, D and applicable portions of the VETS 200 A, B and C. Two pending outcome groups have been added in the Report Validation table separating the Entered Employment and Retention cohorts. Corrections in performance calculations have been made where necessary; edit tests have been modified for missing or invalid birth dates; the duplicate detection has been corrected and other minor changes have been incorporated.

We look forward to any comments or suggestions you might have on the software and User's Guide.Please do not hesitate to contact the software developer at

Report Validation Software Last Updated 11/7/2003

During the winter and spring of calendar year 2002, the United States Employment Service, Veteran’s Employment Service, ETA regional offices, and the NASWA/state/federal Performance Measures Workgroup jointly conducted a series of regional Train-the-Trainer sessions on the Labor

Exchange Performance Measures and the Revised Reporting Requirements. Participants in the eight sessions were provided slideshow presentations, and background information on the ETA overarching report and data reliability effort. It is ETA’s goal to develop a reputation for providing performance and outcome data that are recognized as being accurate, reliable, and valid.

Data sampling and source data validation initiatives were begun more than 18 months ago with the Unemployment Insurance Program. With the expert assistance of Mathematic Policy Research Inc. validation software tools were developed as a technical assistance to states. The validation approach has been modified for the labor exchange program and the ETA 9002 and VETS 200 series of reports. Given the labor exchange service delivery approach focus on providing assistance in support of job seekers' immediate employment, the large numbers of customers served, the low cost per service, and the low cost per participant outcome, the Labor Exchange validation approach is directed toward verification that the state reported outcomes have been calculated properly by the state’s management information or reporting systems.

Mathematica developed the report validation software and it was released to several volunteer states for beta testing in June, 2002. Since that time a Microsoft Access database, and an SQL Server version of the ES and VETS Report Validation software were released to 19 states and the three ETA supported One Stop Operating System Building Consortia for review and additional testing. Version

Mathematica is available to provide technical assistance on the installation and use of the software by telephone at 609-936-2782 and/or via E-mail at

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