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Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA)

Enacted in 1993, GPRA was designed to improve program management throughout the Federal government. Agencies are required to develop a five-year strategic plan outlining its mission, long-term goals for the agency's major functions, performance measures, and reporting results. The strategic plan is updated every 3 years; DOL's current strategic plan can be found on the Strategic Plan webpage.

In addition to the strategic plan, agencies submit an annual performance report to the Office of Management and Budget with established fiscal year performance goals, objectives on how to achieve these goals, and an explanation of how performance is measured and verified.



  • OMB Circular A-11, Part 6: Preparation and Submission of Strategic Plans, Annual Performance Plans, and Annual Program Performance Reports
  • OMB-10-32: Evaluating Programs for Efficacy and Cost-Efficiency
  • OMB-96-22: Submission of FY 1995 Program Performance Reports

Please visit the GPRA OMB website for additional resources and information.


Beginning February 2, 2005, DOL added a performance overview which displays ETA's final GPRA performance goals and targets. These performance overviews serve as the source documents for the national GPRA goals and targets. Previously, two planning documents had been used to capture ETA's GPRA information, the ETA GPRA Performance Plan and the DOL GPRA Performance Plan. (The DOL performance plans covered ETA's major programs. However, for some of ETA's smaller programs, it was necessary to refer to ETA's GPRA Performance Plans to find information on goals. Below, these past planning documents are broken into two heading for your review.)

ETA GPRA Performance Plan

ETA GPRA Performance Plans

**DOL's FY 2005 Congressional Budget Justification represents the first complete effort to integrate the ETA annual performance plan performance objectives with resource requirements into a performance-budget submission.