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Face of Performance

 Antwon Scott - A Home Builder Institute Success Story

Antwon Scott graduated from the Home Builders Institute’s (HBI) Project CRAFT program on October 7, 2005, ready for a career in home building. While training, Scott showed the talent in the trade and determination needed to overcome and to succeed.

Although, financial obligations forced Scott to leave the program early, his relationship with HBI staff inspired him to return and complete his training. Appreciative of his second chance, Scott vowed to make it work and transitioned seamlessly into a job at Affinity Stone.

Advancing quickly while handling increasing responsibilities, he is now a commercial installer earning $16 an hour. Supervisors refer to him as a model employee which has prompted the company to hire other program graduates. Scott cherishes his new role as liaison between Project CRAFT’s training site and his employer - it gives him a chance to help other young men overcome the familiar challenges that are now behind him.

Ryan Baldridge
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