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Face of Performance

  Cindy Ward
“Cindy Ward is an inspiration to others!” says her One-Stop Employment and Training Specialist from Washington-Morgan Community Action in Marietta, Ohio.

In February of 2001, Cindy found herself in an unimaginable situation. After 22 years of marriage, her husband passed away. Having been a homemaker and mother all those years, Cindy had no job and no way of supporting herself. She found work in the laundry room of a nursing home for a year or so, but when the home was sold to a new owner, she was laid off.

Cindy knew that without a high school diploma her chances of getting any job, much less a better job were slim. Through adult education classes,

Cindy found that a GED was well within her reach. She applied herself and over the course of a few months, she got her credential. Thinking back to that time in her life, Cindy declares "It was a great feeling, especially after being out of school for so long!"

With her newfound enthusiasm for learning, Cindy didn’t want to stop at a GED. That’s when she turned to the One-Stop system. Cindy enjoyed the nursing home environment, but she wanted more human interaction, and had aspirations of becoming a nurse’s aid. The $900 tuition for the State Tested Nurses Aid training program was far more than she could possibly afford. Lucky for her, with WIA Dislocated Worker funds, Cindy could get the assistance and supportive services she needed to achieve her goal.

Today, Cindy has her STNA certificate, a job, a weekly paycheck and employee benefits. As a STNA, she’s thrilled to be in close contact with the residents at the nursing home where she works. Cindy says “My sister always tells me that things happen for a reason”. If that’s true, Cindy is where she was meant to be at this time in her life. Enriching the lives of aging adults by caring for them in the way she would want to be cared for in her old age gives Cindy a sense of meaning and purpose. “They know me and they trust me” Cindy says of the residents under her care. That makes it all worth while!
Cindy Ward
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