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Face of Performance


Peggy, a "Boomer" (age 45+), left her company to relocate to Tennessee.  Unfortunately, the job market in Tennessee was not what she expected and Peggy returned to Colorado.  Between the time she had left Colorado and her return, the company where she previously worked was sold so she was unable to return to her previous job.  Peggy soon found it very difficult to search for a job in this economy where so many people were competing for every job.

Peggy had visited the Jefferson County Workforce Center in the past and knew she would return to conduct her new job search.  She visited the workforce center DAILY, for 5 months straight, attending various workshops.  Peggy was then enrolled in the Workforce Investment Act Program.  Staff at the Workforce Center found Peggy a Work Training Experience (WTE) with Jefferson County giving her an opportunity to learn new skills and thrive in a new environment. 

Soon, word got out at what a wonderful employee she was and that she would make an excellent addition to the Jefferson County Attorney's Office in Administration.  She was immediately hired as an Intern and rumor has it there may be something more permanent around the corner. 

Peggy is extremely pleased with the One Stop Workforce Center and its staff and has recommended the center to several of her friends.
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