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Some tips for viewing recorded webinars

  1. Close any open Internet Explorer browsers beyond the one accessing the recorded webinar.
  2. Turn on speakers.
  3. Give it three tries. Since the recording files are large and our network sometimes runs a little slow, the presentation may not run smoothly the first time you try to access it. If it doesn't work the first time, give it another try or two. We've found the recordings often work the second or third time around if the first attempt fails. In rare instances, you may need to try viewing the recording on another computer.
  4. Adjust speaker volume. Depending on the sound settings on your computer, the audio may initially sound too loud or too soft. You may need to adjust the volume output of your system even in the middle of a presentation since some presenters speak softer than others.
  5. If the playback freezes, don’t give up. Sometimes, playback can be interrupted by a network surge or temporary loss of Internet connectivity. First, close all Internet Explorer browser windows. Next, open a new Internet Explorer window and go to the presentation URL. Use the time slider at the bottom to fast-forward to the point in the presentation where the presentation stopped to continue viewing.