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O*NET In Action:  Alabama

"ACLMIS: Dislocated Worker"

Alabama Department of Industrial Relations/Labor Market Information Division


The ACLMIS' Dislocated Worker is a module of Alabama's Comprehensive Labor Market Information System designed for individuals who have lost their jobs due to permanent layoffs or plant closings.

The ACLMIS System allows users to research occupations, analyze their skills to find suitable occupations, or find occupations similar to their current occupation.

Users can view detailed information about an occupation including requirements, wages, employers, and jobs that are available.

In addition, a Skill Survey can be completed to help the user determine occupations for which they are best suited.

This web-based application allows the user several ways to explore occupational information.

  • select an occupation from an alphabetical listing;
  • select a group of occupations with similar activities; and
  • select an occupation based on education and experience.
  • explore an occupation based on their current occupation.
  • find occupations similar to their current occupation based on their skills and abilities.

Howis O*NET being used?

The ACLMIS' Dislocated Worker System has a skill survey questionnaire based on O*NET data (abilities, knowledges, skills and work activities). In addition, the system uses the O*NET classification allowing for easy linkage to Alabama's labor market information (wage and employment outlook) as well as O*NET occupational descriptions and tasks.

Who is your target population?

This Dislocated Worker System is targeted towards individuals who have lost their jobs due to permanent layoffs or plant closings.

What kind of results is O*NET helping you to achieve?

The skill survey provides skills assessment, useful in determining transferability of skills to new occupations. It is also useful in determining for what occupations the user would be best qualified.

Customers are finding jobs using this system. A user is able to see that the skills they have can help them transition to a new job.

The system is actively being used in 12 One-Stop Sites. In addition, a large percentage of the Alabama public schools are using this as a career exploration tool.

According to feedback heard in the State, not only do individual like using the ACLMIS System, but businesses like it; and the Chamber of Commerce likes it.

What are the related program initiatives?

The Workforce Investment Act (WIA) system, dislocated workers, students, job seekers, career changers, and welfare to work clients.

Is your product, program or service available for others to use?

The ACLMIS' Dislocated Worker System is available on the Internet at:

What other strategies make your product, program or service successful?

The ACLMIS' Dislocated Worker System is an example of a creative and new way of helping users help themselves.

This system also links to America's Job Bank where individuals can check for job openings locally and around the country. It also links to the ACLMIS Job Seeker system that enables the user to view information such as average wages, employment outlook, and employers.

Do you have other pertinent information?

A local university business class uses the survey as a self analysis for educational and career decisions.

The Alabama Department of Industrial Relations, Division of Labor Market Information, in an effort to demonstrate their commitment to customer service, is currently working on a procedure to obtain customer feedback about the ACLMIS' Dislocated Worker System.

Contact information.

Doug Dyer
Alabama Department of Industrial Relations
Division of Labor Market Information
649 Monroe Street
Montgomery, AL 36131
tele: 334-242-8859

revised 4/21/00

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