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Jobs for Veterans Act

How the Jobs for Veterans Act (P.L. 107-288) Applies to

Jobs for Veterans Act

Applicable to The National Farm Worker Jobs Program

  • Effect on The National Farmworker Jobs Program Rules, Regulations and/or Existing Guidance

9NFJP.          Will the Department of Labor be issuing new or amending current regulations to accommodate the changes?


The NFJP will be guided by any such policies established for the rest of the WIA funded programs.

10NFJP.       Does all or most other current guidance for The National Farmworker Jobs Program still apply? 


The SGA issued for the last NFJP competition (April, 2003) stated that comprehensive policy guidance was being developed by Department of Labor and that it would be issued to NFJP grantees at that time. Until such time as guidance is issued for the system in general, we will not know what changes, if any, will have to be done to existing guidance.

  • Effect on The National Farmworker Jobs Program Funding

11NFJP.       Will The National Farmworker Jobs Program funding be affected (additional dollars, changes in formulas, allocations, reallocations, etc., where applicable)? If so, how?


No, funding will not be affected by the veterans' priority.

12NFJP.       Are "old" but as of yet unexpended National Farmworker Jobs Program funds received, obligated, or committed prior to the passage of the Jobs for Veterans Act subject to the veterans' priority?


Yes. The Jobs for Veterans Act is currently in effect. 

13NFJP.       Will other non-DOL federal funds, or non-federal funds used in The National Farmworker Jobs Program partnerships or as match by subject to the same veterans' priority?


NFJP grantees are not required to secure matching funds or other federal funding in order to operate the NFJP program.

  • Effect on the National Farmworker Jobs Program Operations

14NFJP.          Is there impact on the ability to co-enroll a participant where this is necessary and feasible? What happens, for instance, if The National Farmworker Jobs Program wants to co-enroll a non-veteran participant into another program, but the other program has veterans ahead of him or her in the eligibility line?


The Department of Labor expects state and local workforce investment system program operators to co-enroll participants when necessary, feasible, and prudent in order to eliminate duplication and increase the numbers able to be served. In some instances, however the veterans' priority will impact the ability to co-enroll. There may be situations among some Federal programs (which are not funded by the Department of Labor and not subject to the Jobs for Veterans Act) where individuals whom they refer to WIA must defer to veterans who are first in line, or where eligible veterans referred by WIA to other programs must defer to other statutory or policy mandates not subject to the Jobs for Veterans Act. The expectation is that most co-enrollment situations can be accommodated locally, but there may be rare instances where this is negatively impacted. 

15NFJP.       How will registration, record-keeping, and reporting for The National Farmworker Jobs Program be affected?


The NFJP program is part of the WIA reporting and record-keeping system, and will be subject to changes requested and/or adopted for the system in general.

16NFJP.       How will the veterans' priority affect any request for proposal (RFPs), Solicitations for Grant Award (SGAs), program sub-grants, subcontracts, or memoranda of understanding or other service provision agreements with The National Farmworker Jobs Program vendors, contractors, and partners (required and otherwise)?


As previously stated, the latest SGA for the NFJP competition stated that the NFJP program was subject to the provisions of P.L. 107-288, and that guidance would be forthcoming from ETA.

17NFJP.       Will The National Farmworker Jobs Program outreach efforts, written materials on available services and Websites have to express and implement a priority of service to veterans?



The National Farm Workers Jobs Program

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