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Conference Archives

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Conference Name Date Downloadable Files
H-1b and Jobs Accelerator Grants Training    
Agenda   PDF 
The Modification Process   PDF 
Quarterly Reporting and DOL Performance Expectations   PDF 
Monitoring and Compliance    PDF 
Performance Resource Handout    PDE 
2013 Taking Care of Business 2     
Agenda   PDF 
Energy a Growth Sector in the Southeast    PDF 
Health Information Technology(HIT)    PDF 
Energy Utilities Industry Overview   PDF 
Economic Development-Bridging Relationships to Prosperity   PDF 
Model for a Business and Education Skills Partnership   PDF 
Forging Necessary Partnerships   PDF 
Strategies for Engaging the Business Community   PDF 
Small Business Administration and USDA   PDF 
OneTeam, One Purpose-Integrating Business Services   PDF 
Developing Skills Based on Business Requirements   PDF 
Aerospace Workforce Transition Turning Rapid Response into a Solution   PDF 
Sky is the Limit Entrepreneurship as Employment   PDF 
Keeping America Competitive Through Manufacturing   PDF 
Atlanta's Economic Development Outlook   PDF 
Focusing on High Quality Certified Talent for Manufacturing   PDF 
Making UI Work for Business   PDF 
Making Unemployment Insurance Work   PDF 
Broadening and Deepening Business Involvement   PDF 
OJT as an Economic Development Tool   PDF 
Filling the Skills Gap   PDF 
Trends Impacting Workforce Development in Health IT   PDF 
Entrepreneurs as Business Customers   PDF 
OJT as a Business Engagement Strategy   PDF 
Connecting TANF Population with Business Needs   PDF 
Building a Workforce Pipeline to Create Competitive Advantage   PDF 
YouthBuild Grants Management 2013    
Agenda   PDF        
Financial and Administrative Management   PDF 
Strategies for Meeting your Match Commitment   PDF 
Grants Management Foundations   PDF 
Modifications Process   PDF 
Effective Career Development  PDF 
Building Data Management Procedures  PDF 
Drug Prevention and Substance Abuse   PDF 
Placement and Retention Management   PDF 
2014 Youth Forum    
Increasing Access to Job-Driven Training and Career Pathways    
Youth Program Design   PDF 
Youth Friendly Employment Opportunities   PDF 
Youth Council Interactive Focus Group   PDF 
Warren HSE   PDF 
TN Work Experience   PDF 
This is not your Grandaddy's Youth Program   PDF 
The Real World Series of Work   PDF 
The Chattanooga Ambassadors Program   PDF 
Stackable Credentials for Youth   PDF 
REXO Modifications   PDF 
Recruiting and Engaging Hard to Serve   PDF 
Recapturing youth councils   PDF 
NC Apprenticeship and Training Bridging the Skills Gap   PDF 
NC Apprenticeship and Training Atlanta Youth   PDF 
Modification   PDF 
Literacy Numeracy Made Simple   PDF 
Harper Region 3 Diversion and Expungement ac   PDF 
Determining Sustainability Developing the ISS   PDF 
Common Measure made Simple   PDF 
Case Management for Better Outcomes   PDF 
Career Pathways Building a Roadmap to Prosperity   PDF 
Apprenticeship Bridging the Skills Gap   PDF 
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