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Region 3 Staff Listing

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Name Phone Responsibilities
Andry-Hixon, Carol 404-302-5348 Program: Grants and Contract Specialist
Regional Grant Officer
Regional Specialist:E-Procurement,E-Grants Systems
Audit Resolution
Financial & Administrative Reviews
Grants Management Technical Advisor
GEMS-Regional Point of Contact
EBSS-Regional Point of Contact

Barrett, George A 404-302-5339 Federal Project Officer
Division of Special Initiatives and Demonstrations
- Grants: Healthcare, ARRA-POP, YouthBuild, CBJT, TBL, ARRA YouthBuild, Earmarks, HGJT, TAACCCT, JA, H1-B, Prison Reentry
Bradley, Deborah D 404-302-5316 Regional TAT Coordinator
Regional Specialist: Special Emphasis Programs
Internal and External Training Specialist

Brooks, Arthur R 404-302-5350 Federal Project Officer:
Regional Lead Sector Strategy
State and Local Board Specialist
SCSEP Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Mississippi, Tennessee
Alabama WIA Adult, WIA Dislocated Worker, Youth, Wagner Peyser

Buchanan, Mara 404-302-5315 Accountant
Serve as POC for Financial Manament System and principal accountant
Provide TA and training to grantees on financial and administrative management systems Review, approve and certify ETA-9130 reports
Region E-Grants Monitor
Financial and Administrative Review
Accounting and Financial Systems
Grants Management
Supplemental Budget Requests
Monitor and Input Data in GEMS
Conduct financial monitoring reviews of formula and non-formula grants
Review and process NOOs to states and enters incremental funding in GEMS
training to regional FPOs in the area of cost principals

Camachocolon, Carlos 404-302-5303 Special Assistant to Regional Administrator
Regional ETA COOP Coordinator
Coordinate Webinars
IT Support for TAT meetings and conferences
Maintain regional Web page
Special regional projects
Carter, Connie 404-302-5358 - Chief, Division of Unemployment Insurance

Dent, Eric 404-302-5349 - Federal Project Officer
England, Veronica 404-302-5361 - UI Program Specialist

Fadler, Randolph J 404-302-5360 - Chief Division of Unemployment Insurance
Resource Justification Model
Trust Fund Solvency/UI Cash Management
Tax Performance System/Tax Operations
Unemployment Insurance Budget/Unemployment Insurance-3 Reports
Unemployment Insurance Legislation
Supplemental Budget Request
Reed Act Reports
Treasury Offset Program for Tax

Ford, Cecelia L 404-302-5322 -Audit Resolution
-Incident Reports
-OIG Coordination
-Procurement & Contracting Issues
-Financial & Administrative Reviews
-Grants Management
Garrett, Conyers 404-302-5341 Federal Project Officer

Gray, Randy B 404-302-5319 Lead: LAN Manager

Hardy, Julian 404-302-5376 - Federal Project Officer:
NEG Regional Team Member
Regional Coordinator - TAA/Reemployment
OWI GEMS Specialist
Kentucky and North Carolina WIA Adult, WIA Dislocated Worker, WIA Youth, Wagner Peyser
KY WIA State Incentive(PY12)
KY WIA State Incentive(PY13)

Jackson, Malcom 404-302-5353 Federal Project Officer:
Regional Lead, Apprenticeship Initiative
WIOA Specialist
Georgia and Florida WIA Adult, WIA Dislocated Worker, WIA Youth, Wagner Peyser,
Georgia WIA State Incentive Grant PY13


Keels, Melissa 404-302-5367 Federal Project Officer:
- Florida: Disability Employment Initiative
- Kentucky - Independent Initiative (MI-258997.14-60-A-12)
- Workforce Information Grant (LMI) - Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee
- Workforce Data Quality Initiative - Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina

Kelly, Lane B 404-302-5359 - Management Information System (Data Analysis and Reporting)
Data Validation:Workforce Investment Act Title 1B
Wagner-Peysner Act
Trade Adjustment Assistance
National Farmworker Jobs Programs
Senior Community Service and Employment Program
- Regional Performance Specialist for OSS, WIA, Wagner Peysner Act, VETS Programs all Region 3 states

Lundy, Linda D 404-302-5369 - Federal Project Officer:
SCSEP Grants: - Alabama, Floriead, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee
ARRA SCESEP Grants:-Alabama, Kentucky, Norht Carolina
- WIA NEG Oil Spill Grants: Alabama, Florida, Mississippi
- Regional Specialist:
WIA Waivers and WIA State Plans

Mitchell, William 404-302-5345 Federal Project Officer:
Division of Special Initiatives and Demonstrations
- Grants: ARRA - GJCB, Healthcare, Earmarks, HG, TAACCCT, YouthBuild, ReXO, Youth Offender, WANTO, H1-B
MitchellRobison, Sherrill 404-302-5302 Executive Assistant

Morris, Andre 404-302-5321 Lead:Region E-Grants Monitor
Financial and Administrative Reviews
Grants Management
Accounting and Financial Systems
EIMS System
Supplemental Budget Requests
Payment Management System Monitor

Noel, Claudine 404-302-5368 - Federal Project Officer:
- ES WOTC Grants: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Norht Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee
- BRAC Planning/Implementation: Kentucky
- NEGs: - Kentucky Multi-Company Dual Enrollment, Severe Storms, Winds, and Floods, EKCEP Area Community Imp and EKCEP Bell & Knox County Floods
- Regional Specialist: NEGs, Special Populations, WOTC and Veterans

Otieno, Jessica 404-302-5379 - Federal Project Officer

Owens, Lynn 404-302-5309 Manager, Division of Financial, Management, and Administrative Services

Range, Les 404-302-5300 Regional Administrator

Rasbury, Jeffrey S 404-302-5313 Back-up: ETA Keys, RO Equipment Issues,
RO Supplies S&E Financial & Budget Matters
& Supply & Equipment Requisitions, RO Supply Room,
TAT Fund Control,
Workers Compensation
Lead: GSA Vehicles, ETA Reading Files,
Telecommunications Issues, ETA Mail Center
Co-Lead: SNAFC Contact

Smith, Raymond 404-302-5343 Federal Project Officer
Division of Special Initiatives and Demonstrations
- Grants: YouthBuild, Earmarks, CBJT, TAACCCT, H1-B, Prison Reentry
Taylor, Connie R 404-302-5338 Federal Project Officer
Division of Special Initiatives and Demonstrations
- Grants: CBJT, NFJP, Earmarks, ARRA - GJCB, NFJP Housing, TAACCCT, ARRA YouthBuild, H1-B, JA, ARRA - Healthcare, SCSEP - National
Tesone, Susan R 404-302-5375 Federal Project Officer:
- Florida: ARRA OJT NEG, Disability Employment Initiative, Brevard Aerospace NEG, Tropical Storm Debby, Dislocated Worker NEG, Job-Driven NEG
- Kentucky - EKCEP Community-Impact, DWT - K17 NEG, EKCEP Mining NEG, Comair 24327 NEG, DWT - KY19 -24455 NEG, Job-Driven NEG

Thomas, Ann J 404-302-5363 - UI Program Specialist
- Benefit Timeliness Quality/NMD
Data Validation/Unemployment Insurance Reports
Benefit Payment Control, including Systematic Alien Verification Entitlements, Treasury Offset Program Social Security Administration Crossmatch
USDOL Call Center Claimant Inquiries

Thomas, Anna O 404-302-5323 Management Information Systems
(Data Analysis & Reporting)
Tompoe, Winston C 404-302-5372 - DIRECTOR OFFICE OF STATE SYSTEMS

Webb, Charles V 404-302-5357 - UI Program Specialist

Williams-Raysor, Rosemary 404-302-5378 - UI Program Specialist
- DUA Coordinator
TRA & ATAA/RTAA Lead (Regional Trade Coordinator)
TAA & HCTC Back-up
UI Interstate/CWC
Wilson, Sherrie 404-302-5345 Federal Project Officer
Division of Special Initiatives and Demonstrations
- Grants: ARRA - ETP, YouthBuild, ARRA - POP, CBJT, Earmarks, TBL, Healthcare, ARRA YouthBuild, Enhanced Jobs Transition Demonstration Grant, Prison Reentry
Yates, Doris 404-302-5362 - UI Program Specialist
- BAM - Paid & Denials
Federal Emergency Programs (EUC, EB,FAC)
Benefit Automation

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